Needing Your Dough – Trusting God with Money [Podcast]

From an earthly perspective, Solomon spoke truth: “Money is the answer to everything” (Eccl. 10:19).

We need money to live, so we worry when there seems more life than money to pay for it. In Jesus’ most famous sermon, He outlines the reason we should not worry about our needs: “You cannot serve God and money.”

Seeking first God’s kingdom affords us the right priority, reminds us God knows our needs, and transfers the burden of providing from us to God.

Nothing remains but to trust Him.

Matthew 6:19-34

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Matters of Life and Debt

Part 2 – Getting Fiscally Fit (
Selected Proverbs

When our needs and greeds exceed our paychecks, culture offers a convenient way to provide the lack. Debt, while not disallowed in Scripture, is certainly discouraged. For with debt we enslave ourselves to the lender, and we may be denying God an opportunity to provide a miracle. Such matters of life and debt require clear teaching from God’s Word—and faithful obedience to it.

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