He Loves Me Not [Podcast]

1 Peter 3:1-6

Just as all believers are to submit to proper authority—even when it’s unjust—so that principle extends to the home. Peter offers practical advice to wives of unbelieving husbands, as to how excellent behavior can also be a tool through which God works on a husband’s heart.  Peter also gives comfort to the weary woman who struggles with a husband who doesn’t love her.

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The Man with Two Countries [Podcast]

1 Peter 2:11-25

Though citizens of a nation, in truth we are aliens and strangers in the world. And while living in the world, our behavior should reflect obedience to both governmental and vocational authority. This excellent behavior– even when treated unjustly– silences the unbelievers and pleases Christ who also unjustly suffered in this world.  

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How to Live for What Lasts [Podcast]

I’m amazed at how we invest our time, energy, and money toward things with quick benefits that last but a moment.

  • We work hard to win the approval of people, only to find out it isn’t enough.
  • We scrimp for that vacation but come home again to the daily grind.
  • We live for the weekend only to face Monday one more time.

How do we deal with the obvious futility of life? Where can we find something to live for that doesn’t fade?

Wayne Stiles Podcast

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The secret to avoiding futility comes when we live for what lasts. Only through God’s Word will anyone grow in respect to salvation, and only through love displayed will that salvation be shared with others.

Only two things last forever–God’s Word and God’s people.

So live for what lasts.

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Laughing Through the Tears

A Message from 1 Peter 1:1-12

Peter’s first epistle begins with an apparent contradiction. How can we “greatly rejoice” while at the same time be “distressed with trials”? How can we rejoice amidst pain? The secret of laughing through the tears comes in recognizing the privilege of salvation, the shortness of trials, and the opportunity pain provides us to glorify God.