How God Restores What Sin Has Taken [Podcast]

Joel 2

God’s compassion and mercy offers us much more than sin ever could—if only we would listen to His words: “Rend your heart and not your garments; Now return to the Lord your God.” Having been devastated by a plague of locusts because of sin, God’s people received the opportunity for God to restore what sin had taken. God offers us the same.

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The Wayward Son [Podcast]

Hosea 11

Using the metaphor of a wayward son, Hosea presents God’s intensely personal, restorative confrontation with Israel. In spite of God’s continued faithfulness, His people have repeated unfaithfulness—and yet God promises to restore them simply by grace. We see in our own lives the need for God’s intensely personal restoration with us; left to ourselves we would wander in sin, but God in His patient grace works to draw us back to Himself.

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Lion Down on the Job [Podcast]

Daniel 6

Daniel’s success roused the jealousy of his colleagues into making an unjust law that tested Daniel’s relationship with God. Daniel’s daily devotion to the disciplines of prayer and thanksgiving—even in the face of death—led not only to his deliverance, but it sealed the fate of his accusers. Just as Daniel ordered his life around his personal time with God, so our personal success and influence of others also finds its roots in our commitment to basic spiritual disciplines.

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Healing for Skeletons in the Closet [Podcast]

Ezekiel 36-37

Having failed God, the nation Israel is pictured as a valley of dry bones. Beyond hope. However, for God’s own glory, He will one day bring the bones to new life through the gift of His Spirit. A similar renewal is available today for those hurting from skeletons in their heart’s closet.

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