Worship is a Verb [Podcast]

Leviticus 21-22

Just as God required the best sacrifices, so our daily lives are to be a “living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God; this is your spiritual act of worship” (Romans 12:2). As was true with the priesthood long ago, so worship today is not an occupation but a way of life.

Both publicly and privately, worship is something we do.

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Living Right in a World Gone Wrong [Podcast]

Leviticus 20

Culture pulls at our passions. How can we walk the right way?

The moral principles of holiness need to be guarded in an immoral world. Living our lives against the winds of culture does more than help us personally—it reveals God.

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My Interview with Chuck Swindoll on Insight for Living

I had the privilege of joining Chuck Swindoll in the studio of Insight for Living to discuss my book, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus.

Insight for Living

These interviews appear in various broadcasts on Insight for Living, but here you’ll find them all together in one segment.

How to Be Holy for Real [Podcast]

Leviticus 19

It’s one thing to be told to “be holy”—but it’s another thing to be told how.

In this chapter of seemingly endless commands, the murky waters clear when you understand the way you demonstrate holiness is by loving God and people in practical ways.

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