How to Walk in Victory Against Sin [Podcast]

Romans 6:1-14

Can we really walk in victory against sin in our lives? Romans 6 gives the liberating truths needed to begin the walk of victory. Many Christians are simply unaware that they are free!

Many Christians continue enslaved to sin– ignorant of the freedom available to them through Christ’s death and resurrection.


Come to Israel with Me

Let me invite you to join Cathy and me in Israel, March 8-19, on the Insight for Living 2010 Tour with Chuck Swindoll.

I will serve as a Bible teacher on one of the buses as we travel the Holy Land, learning the Word of God right where it happened.

You will also enjoy Chuck Swindoll’s practical teaching at various sites throughout the tour.

After seeing where biblical events occurred, you will never read your Bible the same way again!

I have done extensive research on how a tour to Israel affects the spiritual life of a believer, and I discovered:

  1. 96% have increased in their love for God and the Bible through the study of biblical geography.
  2. 98% noted that biblical geography helps their memory of biblical events.
  3. 99% agree that experiencing the land of Israel has strengthened their spiritual life.

Visit for more information on the tour, to watch video clips of what we’ll see, to read about the guest artists, and to reserve your place on the tour. Or you can download a tour brochure now with all the details.

When you register, be sure to request my bus! Hope to see you there.

Enjoy this video . . . as you hear and see for yourself the benefits of experiencing God’s Land of Promise.


How God Uses Obscurity to Prepare You [Podcast]

Acts 1

Feel like nobody notices what you do? Listen to a lesson from the unknown life of Matthias on the benefits of faithfulness in obscurity.

God sees, and God knows. He is preparing you for a place of greater influence.


Why Comparing Yourself with Others is a Bad Idea [Podcast]

John 21:1-23

Comparing yourself with others again? When Jesus told Peter how he should expect to die as an old man, Peter inquired about John’s death. Jesus’ response remains a great principle of focus for all believers who struggle with comparisons.

Our task is not to compare or concern ourselves with God’s calling for others but to commit to what Jesus called us to do from the beginning of our relationship with Him: “You follow me.”