Free to Forgive [Podcast]

Book of Philemon

When somebody does you wrong, don’t forget to factor in God’s sovereignty.

You can forgive someone a lot easier when you realize God allows things for a purpose. In his most personal letter, Paul writes to Philemon to forgive his runaway slave in the same way Philemon himself has been forgiven–completely. Paul realized there’s more going on than a slave running away, but God is at work.

Taking it To the Streets [Podcast]

Titus 3

We aren’t saved by good works–but for them.

Grace has applications not only for us, but through us for a hurting world. The example of Jesus laying down His life for us remains the pattern we should follow: we should engage in good deeds that meet needs.

Learning How to Multiply [Podcast]

2 Timothy 2:1-10

As a Christian, why are you on the planet? To multiply.

Through the illustrations of a soldier, an athlete, a farmer, and Jesus, we learn that our purpose in multiplying disciples comes through discipline, hard work, and single-mindedness. A believer should live life with the goal of multiplying his or her faith to the next generation of believers.

Another Look at Modesty [Podcast]

1 Timothy 2:9-10

In a culture where sex sells and modesty is avoided, we need a clear reason why God expects believers to dress with discretion. The outside reflects the inside, and God prefers designer hearts to flashy—let’s just say it, immodest—attire.

Rather than draw attention to ourselves through what we are (or aren’t) wearing, we should draw attention to God through good works.