Have God, Will Travel [Podcast]

Book of 3 John

The shortest book in the Bible carries an essential reminder.

Be hospitable and support to God’s traveling ministers, as Gaius did. On the other hand, don’t be a person who refuses to get along with others because you crave all the attention. Using these two examples, the Apostle John urges us not to “imitate what is evil, but what is good.”

Something Old, Something New [Podcast]

Book of 2 John

We never outgrow the basics. Anyone who abandons the essential truths in light of new revelation “has gone too far.”

While the Bible repeatedly tells believers to grow beyond the basics, it never says to abandon them. By all means, grow! But stay grounded in truth.

Your Connection With God [Podcast]

1 John 1:1-2:6

Feeling disconnected with God?

For the Christian, fellowship with the Lord can be broken by sin, but it can be restored through confession. Salvation, on the other hand, remains secure in spite of sin, because Jesus is our advocate before the Father.

A Light for Your Path [Podcast]

2 Peter 1

Rather than groping in the darkness of life, we need to cling to what gives us light. God’s great and precious promises contain all we need for life and godliness. We should repeatedly read them, for they are our source of truth.

We need the reminder to hold fast to the Bible, as we would to a lamp in a dark room.