Love Him With Your Life [Podcast]

Mark 12:28-31; 1 John 3:13-18

Do you value love for God and people, expressed not only in word but also in deed?

When someone asked Jesus to recite the greatest commandment, He spoke of love– love for God and love for people. Love at its essence is a verb.

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Is Jesus the Only Way? [Podcast]

Is Jesus really the only way to heaven? What about other religions?

How can Christianity make such an arrogant claim that it is the only right way to God?

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This message (from John 14:6; Romans 1-2) examines Christianity’s exclusive claim and the absolute necessity of fulfilling the Great Commission.

Here are the main points of the message:

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DVDs – Experience the Land and the Book

Three trips to Israel to film it.

Four years in production. 

I’m thrilled that these DVDs are finally available!

I had the privilege of serving as the “Tour Guide” on this set of DVDs—released just today and also available as video downloads for your mobile device or computer.

You’ll hear six practical messages Chuck Swindoll gave onsite in places like Jerusalem, Caesarea, the Mount of Beatitudes, and the Sea of Galilee.

You’ll also “meet” six characters from Scripture through gifted actor and professor, Reg Grant.

Watch this video for a taste of what you’ll get . . .

We produced these DVDs especially for small group Bible studies, for which an accompanying workbook is also available.

I really hope you’ll go for it.

Let the Worst Bring Out Your Best [Podcast]

2 Samuel 15:23; Psalm 63

God sometimes leads us through periods of confusion, sorrow, and struggle. King David illustrates how to let the worst bring out our best: he sought his satisfaction only in God.

While other Psalms may match David’s devotion, few surpass this one he sang in the wilderness.

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You Can be Whiter Than Snow [Podcast]

2 Samuel 11-12; Psalm 51

Times of vulnerability can allow secret sin to penetrate our hearts.

A song burst forth from David’s blackest moment of self-realization. Thankfully, it explores not only the depths of guilt but also the depths of God’s forgiveness. David’s discovery remains our opportunity for forgiveness.

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