We’ve Only Just Begun [Podcast]

Part 8 – (Commitment) “Love: The Greatest of Songs”
– Song of Solomon 8:3-14 –
In this intimate book, The Song of Solomon, we get to stare wide-eyed at love as God intended it to be. From its beginning in what makes one attractive to the struggle with that attraction in sexuality as a single. From the passion of physical intimacy given and blessed by God, to the passion of marital conflict and how it may be resolved. We shouldn’t be ashamed to study what God was not ashamed to reveal. In this practical book, we come to understand in a very practical way why the greatest of songs is love.

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An Elvis Holy Land Tour?

It may surprise you to hear that Elvis Presley Enterprises is hosting a tour of the Holy Land.

When I read of the tour in the news, my response was, “It’s about time.” Elvis fans have been in Israel for years. In fact, Elvis has his own diner there.

The Elvis Inn in Israel

(Photo: The Elvis Inn in Israel. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

Between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, we pulled off Highway 1 into the parking lot of the Elvis American Diner (a.k.a. “Elvis Inn”). I exited the motor coach and looked up beneath the 16-foot-tall bronze likeness of The King. (Elvis was Jewish, I’m told.)

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