Tombs in Israel You Can Walk in (and Out)

Ancient tombs lay open many places in Israel. With their original inhabitants decomposed, stolen, or relocated, these unoccupied sepulchers offer insights into history.

Tombs in Israel You Can Walk in (and Out)

(Photo: Beth Shearim’s Cave of Coffins. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

I’ve written several other posts about tombs in Israel, most notably:

There are more, to be sure. But I’d like to share several more tombs you can see in Israel, as well as their significance.

Most of these you can actually walk in—and thankfully, also walk out.

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I’m Writing a New Book, and I’d Like Your Opinion

I’m excited to say my new book releases next year, published by Baker Publishing Group!

The book will look at the life of Joseph, particularly how his life models a person who learned how to wait on God.

I’m Writing a New Book, and I’d Like Your Opinion

(Photo: by Graig Garner)

In the brainstorm session with Baker to finalize a title, three titles made the final cut.

I would love to know which one you like best. Just click below to tell me.

I’ll let you know what the final title will be. Thanks!

PS: I would appreciate your prayers as I complete the manuscript in the next few months. To leave a comment, just click here.

What Playing Guitar Taught Me about the Spiritual Life

An interest in my stepdad’s guitar at age 15 sparked an interest God has used to guide my life. I’m sure God works in a similar way with you. In fact, I know He does.

What Playing Guitar Taught Me about the Spiritual Life

(Photo: By Pisethinfo. Own work. CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

More than 30 years ago, I started playing songs on the guitar by John Denver, Jim Croce, Don Francisco, Gordon Lightfoot, and Dan Fogelberg.

I was hooked. I lived and breathed with the instrument. In a few years, I had written more than 100 of my own songs. It seemed this is what God wanted me to do with my life. I decided to pursue the dream of becoming a Christian artist.

  • I majored in music (classical guitar) from North Texas State University (now UNT).
  • I attended Dallas Theological Seminary so that I could learn to write theologically sound songs.
  • I had an influential person with connections in Nashville who promised to introduce me to the right people.

I was ready. Cue the lights. Then God uplugged my guitar.

Playing guitar for all these years has taught me more than music. It has taught me these 3 lessons.

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Flying over the Old City of Jerusalem isn’t allowed, but the father/son team from strapped a camera on a remote control helicopter and got special permission to film.

It’s a SLOW video . . . but it’s smooth and gives you time to see the details of this most important piece of real estate in history.

Tell me what you think: Would you like to fly over Jerusalem? To leave a comment, just click here.

Caves in Israel—Manmade and God-made

When you think of ancient Israel, it’s likely you don’t think of caves. And yet, the country has literally thousands of them that have played a role in history. They’re still there.

Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park—See the Story in History

(Photo: Exploring the Caves in Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park. Photo by James Foo)

From the caves in Mount Arbel, to those that provide sheepfolds in Bethlehem, to the Qumran caves that preserved the Hebrew text, the land is honeycombed with caves.

One area particularly filled with caves is the Shephelah, the low rolling foothills that slope down between the Hill Country of Judea and the Philistine plain. Not all of these subterranean labyrinths allow for spelunking visitors. But let’s look at two that do.

One of these caves men made thousands of years ago.

Another one God made over thousands of years.

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Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey!

I want to make my blog more relevant to your needs and interests.

To do that, I need to know what YOU think.

Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey

(Photo by Photodune)

Since my first survey last year, my blog’s readership has doubled. That means I may have no clue about you!

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Abel-beth-maacah—How to Deal with a Problem Person

At first, its name looks like a misprint. Abel-beth-maacah. (Try saying that 10 times fast.) Located in the north of Israel near Dan, it served a vital role in watching over the northern entrance to Israel.

Abel-beth-maacah—How to Deal with a Problem Person

(Photo: Abel-beth-maacah. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

As a result, Abel-beth-maacah often found itself one of the first cities to suffer destruction during the foreign invasions of Ben-hadad of Aram and Tiglath-pileser of Assyria (1 Kings 15:20; 2 Kings 15:29).

But Abel-beth-maacah is much more than a strategic site on the pages of history.

The place offers a biblical lesson on how to deal with a problem person.

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Who is Guarding Your Great Wall?

I recently went to China with colleagues from Insight for Living. What a vast and beautiful country—and so much potential for ministry. While there, several of us got to visit the Great Wall.

Who is Guarding Your Great Wall?

(Photo: By Hao Wei from China. Flickr. CC-BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

I was amazed at how vigilant the wall builders were to ensure the safety of their country against potential enemies. (See some of my pictures below from my Instagram Feed.) Of course, history reveals that a guard allowed the enemy to enter through a gate and compromise the wall’s security. 1500 miles of wall compromised by one traitor in the gate.

In our spiritual lives, we have that same traitor.

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