Redefining Leadership: Character-Driven Habits of Effective Leaders (Zondervan, 2014)

Most leadership books focus on methods, tactics, strategic planning, and vision. This book hubs on a more essential part of leadership.

The leader.

Joe Stowell redefines leadership from the perspective of a shepherd rather than a CEO. From a person driven by character as opposed to a manager driven by results. From one who leads by serving rather than one who keeps score of outcomes.

Redefining Leadership comes in three parts:

On a layover to Israel, we spent several hours in Philadelphia—the birthplace of our nation. We visited the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and saw Ben Franklin’s grave. Wonderful day.

While there, I got to check off one item from my bucket list:

  • Run the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art!

Yeah, I know . . . kinda nuts. But a lot of fun!

Tell me what you think: Have you ever run the Rocky steps? To leave a comment, just click here.

Rocky feet Rocky statue
Rocky music in video from here.

Walk on the Wild Side—Biblical Wildlife Reserve & Red Canyon

How many animals in the Bible can you name? After camels, donkeys, sheep, and goats the mind kind of goes blank, doesn’t it?

Walk on the Wild Side—Biblical Wildlife Reserve & Red Canyon

(Photo: A leopard at the Hai-Bar Biblical Wildlife Reserve. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

The Biblical Wildlife Reserve in southern Israel exists to provide a place for the protection and breeding of animals that existed in biblical days, as well as other endangered species of the desert.

Combined with the nearby beautiful Red Canyon north of Eilat, these two sites in southern Israel allow visitors a walk on the wild side.

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