How to Live for God When Your Parents Didn’t

2 Decisions Josiah Made that Made All the Difference

Do you know someone who wasn’t raised in a godly home? Or someone raised in home where godliness cloaked hypocrisy? Perhaps it was your home. It’s tough to live for God in such circumstances.

How to Live for God When Your Parents Didn't

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The struggle is nothing new. Josiah wanted to live for God, and yet his father and grandfather were two of Judah’s worst kings. When Josiah heard the Scriptures for the first time, he reacted in immediate sorrow:

Our fathers have not observed the word of the LORD, to do according to all that is written in this book. —2 Chronicles 34:21

Josiah determined to be different. He chose to live for God by doing 2 specific things.

So can we.

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The Stoics say, ‘Retire within yourselves; it is there you will find your rest.’ And that is not true. Others say, ‘Go out of yourselves; seek happiness in amusement.’ And this is not true. Illness comes. Happiness is neither without us nor within us. It is in God, both without us and within us.

Blaise Pascal
Pascal's Pensees (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012), 465.

When You Become God’s Surprise Witness

How Matthias reveals our insignificance is seen by God.

Sometimes God surprises us with opportunities we never sought, never expected, and never even imagined. Often these moments come in the middle of our ho-hum lives.

When You Become God's Surprise Witness

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It happened with Matthias.

Ever since John the Baptist had prepared the way for the Messiah, Matthias 
had followed. He had walked in Jesus’ footsteps from the Jordan River to the rugged hills of Galilee. He had followed the Savior with passion and persuasion—and without recognition.

Matthias was a willing unknown.

Then one day it all changed.

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10 Reasons To Tour Israel Sooner Rather than Later

I have never recovered from my travels to the Holy Land. As many times as I’ve been to Israel, every trip impacts me. Every single one. There’s a reason.

10 Reasons To Tour Israel Sooner Rather than Later

(Photo: Temple Mount and Western Wall. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

After Cathy and I took our first tour to the Holy Land, the truth hit home harder than it ever had: my faith is rooted in events that occurred in real places.

But after the initial trip, I began to unpack the incredible benefits of traveling to Israel. I’m convinced there are at least 10 good reasons to go.

And why sooner is better than later.

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Look for a Special Invitation in July

I’ll Be Inviting You to Join My New Book’s Launch Team

Last year I asked you to help me choose a title and a cover for my new book, Waiting on God. You came through beautifully. Thank you. Next month, I could use your help again.

Waiting on God books

Well, I’m excited to announce that my new book, Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing, releases August 18. That’s only 12 weeks away!

  • It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since I published my last book. Since then I’ve written and edited a number of books for others (you know, projects to help pay college tuition).
  • I’ve already received some wonderful endorsements for Waiting on God from people like Joni Eareckson Tada, Luci Swindoll, Dr. Mark Bailey, Mary DeMuth, and others.

In order to try to get the book into as many hands as possible, I’m going to begin forming a Launch Team next month.

My Launch Team Invitation Goes Out Next Month

This is a team of 30 of my readers who will be willing to help get the word out in a big way the week of August 18. As my thanks for your help, I’ll give you some gifts—including a copy of my new book, Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing.

My requests of you over the next few weeks? Only two:

  1. Please pray that God will bless the distribution of Waiting on God so that it gets into the hands and hearts of thousands of people.
  2. Please consider joining my Launch Team when I announce it on July 13. I’ll have a sign-up form to keep the process simple.

I’ve already heard from many of you who are excited about the book. Thanks so much for your encouragement! My hope is that Waiting on God offers tremendous hope to many, many people—including you.

Tell me what you think: What ways can you recommend to get the word out? To leave a comment, just click here.

The Source of Our Peace—Reflections from Yom Yerushalayim

Why Peace Requires One Thing More than Anything Else

The holiday, Yom Yerushalayim, “Jerusalem Day” always reminds me of the T-shirt my grandmother bought me when she went to Jerusalem in 1987. (We men keep clothes way too long.)

The Source of Our Peace—Reflections from Yom Yerushalayim

(Photo: The Jaffa Gate, celebrating Jerusalem’s 40th Birthday. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

Printed in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, the T-shirt celebrated “The 20th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem.” Yom Yerushalayim is a Jewish holiday annually celebrating the first time the Jews controlled Jerusalem since the Romans destroyed the Second Temple in AD 70.

Now almost 70 years since the beginning of the State of Israel, the land has just as much tension and heartache as ever. And much of the conflict cloaks its true motives in the name of religion.

One day in Jerusalem I saw a humorous sign that tried to bridge that religion gap.

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Ascension Day Gives Us a Reason to Look Up

Our purpose in life finds its answer in Jesus' final words.

Honestly, if Ascension Day didn’t appear on our calendars 40 days after Easter, we’d likely never think about it. Sure, we know Jesus’ ascension had good reasons. But hey, we’re still stuck on earth.

Ascension Day Gives Us a Reason to Look Up

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In fact, have you ever wondered why we don’t we just ascend to heaven after we believe in Jesus?

The answer, of course, is that God’s goal for us is more than to believe in His Son. Jesus’ final words remind us of that.

Ascension Day offers a few good reminders.

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