Don’t Buy My Book—YET!

If you wait until August 18, I'll reward you big-time.

My new book, Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing, is already shipping to retailers. In fact, you can buy my book now at online retailers. But I’m asking you to do something crazy: WAIT. Here’s why.

Waiting on God books

The official release day is August 18 (just over 2 weeks away), and if you’ll wait until then to buy it, I’ll reward you. My hope is for the book to land on a bestseller list—which helps get the message of the book to a much wider audience.

For weeks I had been told to encourage pre-ordering the book. Here’s the problem:

  • Online retailers released the book ahead of schedule. So . . . all of those pre-orders have shipped, and the list ranking is now spread out rather than focused. Rats.
  • If you pre-ordered the book before this date, save your receipt and I’ll give you the bonuses as well—during launch week, August 18.

Wait . . . and Get 7 Bonuses Worth $160.78

You can help me by waiting to buy the book. (That makes sense with a book about “waiting,” doesn’t it?) If you’re willing to wait, I’ll reward you by giving you 7 bonuses worth $160.78. I’ll announce what those bonuses are on my blog on August 18.

If you already have subscribed to my blog, I’ll remind you to get the book on August 18. So subscribe now (if you haven’t) so that you don’t miss the opportunity to get these bonuses.

Thank you!

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How Haggai Shakes the Ho Hum from Our Hearts

Finding balance between building for here and for Heaven.

It always seems easier to find time for home improvements than to make time for building God’s kingdom. Of course, these needn’t be mutually exclusive. The challenge, of course, is balance.

How Haggai Shakes the Ho Hum from Our Hearts

(Photo by Photodune)

The Jewish exiles who returned to the Promised Land began rebuilding the fallen temple of the Lord. But harassment from the locals and the Persians produced apathy toward the project—and the work stopped. After sixteen years without progress, God raised up the prophet Haggai to ignite in God’s people a passion for God’s priorities.

Is it time for you yourselves to dwell in your paneled houses while this house lies desolate? Now therefore, thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Consider your ways!’ —Haggai 1:4–5

Haggai’s words help us as well when we’re not sure how to keep first-things first.

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Join My Waiting on God Launch Team and Get 5 Exclusive Benefits

My new book releases next month!

Okay, I’m asking for your help. My new book, Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing, releases next month —and I’m inviting you to join my exclusive “Waiting on God Launch Team.”

Join My Waiting on God Launch Team and Receive 6 Exclusive Benefits

Thanks so much for your interest in my Waiting on God Launch Team but the application process is now over.

But you can still help! Here are a few ways:

  1. During the week of August 18-25, order a copy (or copies) of Waiting on God. I will give you seven FREE BONUSES worth $160.78 for doing so. Sign up here to be notified.
  2. Encourage others on Twitter, Facebook, etc. to take advantage of the launch week offer.
  3. Read the book and post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
  4. Pray that God would bless the book’s distribution and that many people would be encouraged to wait on God.

The last one is most important to me. The message of the book is one we all deal with, and my hope and prayer is that people would find hope to press on and glorify God in the process.

This team will include 70 people willing to help me get the word out about my new book. If you’re interested, let me tell you how you can help.

But first, I’ll tell you what I’ll give you if you do.

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Your Blueprint for Life

Your Blueprint for Life: How to Align Your Passion, Gifts, and Calling with Eternity in Mind (Thomas Nelson, 2015)

It’s tough to synthesize God’s priorities for a balanced life. Trying to include every aspect of our primacies from every perspective is tough sledding. Any book that attempts it must, by necessity, skim the surface in survey rather than offer deep, abiding truths.

Your Blueprint for Life quotes liberally from God’s Word, sources, quotes, and stories to provide a general survey of how we should attempt balance—and therefore, it is suggested, satisfaction.

The Printer and the Preacher

The Printer and the Preacher: Ben Franklin, George Whitefield, and the Surprising Friendship that Invented America (Thomas Nelson, 2015)

For years I loved the story of how Ben Franklin refused to take money when he listened to George Whitefield preach. So compelling was Whitefield’s appeal, Franklin would give. One day after hearing Whitefield preach, an empty-pocketed Franklin asked a bystander for a small loan so Franklin could donate.

Outside of this episode, I had never read much about the intertwining lives of these two men—until this book.

How Jesus Determined His Priorities

And what we can do when choices toss us a live grenade.

Scripture has always taught God’s people to pursue God’s priorities. But over time, opinions differed on those priorities. No one’s opinion was conclusive. There were no guardrails on truth.

How Jesus Determined His Priorities

(Photo courtesy of

Religious leaders in Jesus’ day debated on the separation of the important commandments from the less-important ones. One day when Jesus was teaching in the temple, a scribe tossed this live grenade in front of Jesus to see where He stood in the debate:

What commandment is the foremost of all? —Mark 12:28

Jesus’ answer did more than weigh in on the longstanding disagreement.

It helped us understand how to balance our priorities.

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The Wilderness of Zin— Inspiring Awe but Not Obedience to God

Some of God's blessings come only against impossible odds.

I thought I understood the wilderness wanderings of Israel. Then I traveled through the wilderness. On my summer visits there, I never had to check the forecast. It only fluctuated from blistering to broiling.

Machtesh Ramon at sunrise.

Photo: Machtesh Ramon at sunrise. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands.

After a searing hike through this wilderness, a traveling companion of mine boarded the bus, his shirt sweat-soaked. He collapsed in his seat, and someone asked him if he now understood why the Hebrews grumbled and failed in obedience to God.

He took a long gulp from his canteen and then blurted, “I’m with them!”

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