The Single, Most Important Thing in Life [Podcast]

Mark 12:13-43

If someone asked Jesus what the most important thing in life is, we’d love to know His answer. They did, in fact—and His answer was crystal clear.

In this episode of Live the Bible, we’re going to talk about Jesus’ answer. It’s a great way for us to hit reset on our lives and our priorities—and get clarity on what matters most. In fact, I’ll end the podcast with 3 essential questions of application directly related to Jesus’ words.  Listen to the Podcast Now

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How to Win the Battle You Face Today

Our struggles are not new, and neither is the secret to victory.

You wake up to it each morning. It follows you as you go through your day. It’s waiting for you in every room and conversation. Your battle cleverly disguises itself in many forms.

Rephidim—How to Win the Battle You Face Today

(Photo: Sinai mountains from Jebel Musa. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

Your battle appears as a person, or as money, or as a tense situation at the office.

But the reality is that the battle you face each day has another source. The fight that God’s people faced at Rephidim proved that point.

The battle is spiritual—and there’s only one way to win.

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What You’ve Been Waiting For [Podcast]

Mark 11:27-12:12

You will likely be misunderstood, misquoted, labeled a misfit, and shunned by others—just like Jesus. How do you deal with it?

In this episode of Live the Bible, we see Jesus as our model of how to deal with life now until what we’ve been waiting for shows up. The Lord shows us how we can have a mindset that pushes through the fog when other people treat us unjustly. God sees it all. One day, all we’ve been waiting for will occur.

We can trust God until then. Jesus shows us how.

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The Incredible Value of Solitude with God

Saint George's Monastery in the Judean Wilderness reminds us to get away with God.

In our lives busy with people, it’s tough to appreciate the value of solitude with God. But Saint George’s Monastery in the Wilderness of Judea gives us reason to pause and ponder the priority of time with God.

Saint George's Monastery—The Value of Solitude with God

(Photo: Saint George’s Monastery. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

As I scanned the monastery’s blue domes and white arches that dot the colorless canvas of the wilderness, I marveled at the time and ingenuity it would have taken to build and rebuild these structures.  

I found myself wondering, Why would ANYONE want to live way out there? A friend of mine wondered if the monks in the monastery thought the same thing about us.

Sometimes in our hurry, it does us good to contemplate the value of solitude.

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Jesus Wants 3 Kinds of Fruit in Your Life [Podcast]

Mark 11:1-26

Jesus is looking for fruit. No, not apples and oranges— but fruit in our lives. In fact, He wants to find 3 kinds of fruit in your life.

In this episode of Live the Bible, we see the Triumphal Entry of Jesus as He begins the Passion Week. As Christians, bearing fruit for God is essential. Thankfully, Jesus shows us how.

Each of these 3 kinds of fruit are related to each other, and the good news is, when Jesus looks in our lives, He brings His grace along.

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How You Walk on the Appian Way Each Day

Paul's walk into Rome mirrors our journey through life.

Often roads get built for one reason, but God uses them in our lives for another altogether. The Appian Way of Rome proved it so in the life of the Apostle Paul. I walked the road recently.

Wayne walks the Appian Way

(Photo: Walking the Appian Way)

The Roman official Appius Claudius took the initiative to build a road in 312 BC as a means of transporting troops and supplies to and from Rome. In time, the road took his name and helped secure a Roman victory in the Second Samnite War. The Appian Way proved a huge success and eventually extended 350 miles southeast to the port of Brindisi. It served as Rome’s primary highway for centuries.

The restoration of the ancient Appian Way today allows both locals and tourists a beautiful walk in the footsteps of history.

When I walked the road recently, I thought about Paul who traveled along the same path.

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What Do You Want From God? [Podcast]

Mark 10:32-52

If Jesus were to ask you what you’d like Him to do for you, how would you answer? What an opportunity! Jesus actually asked the question twice—and got two totally different responses.

In this episode of Live the Bible, we’ll learn which response Jesus applauded. What exactly should we should want from God?

It’s challenging—and so encouraging.

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How Your Physical Struggles Can Energize Your Spiritual Life

The One who set eternity in our hearts created in us a hunger that space and time cannot satisfy.

When we struggle with physical needs, we want one thing more than anything else. Relief. Physical struggles scream at us like a hungry child, and nothing feels as pressing as removing the distraction.

Why God Connects Your Physical Needs to Your Spiritual Life

(Photo: Sunset over the Judean Wilderness. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

The Scriptures are full of people who struggled with physical needs. In fact, the superscription of Psalm 63 notes how David prayed the psalm in the wilderness of Judah, either while fleeing from King Saul or, later, from David’s rebel son Absalom.

My soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, in a dry and weary land where there is no water. —Psalm 63:1

The “dry and weary land” that David described also mirrored his own physical needs, and the lack of water around him served to surface an even deeper thirst. At the height of his emotional and physical distress, David sought refuge in his spiritual life.

He yearned for God.

Our physical needs are connected to our spiritual lives for that very reason.

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God’s Surprising Requirement for Eternal Life [Podcast]

Mark 10:13-31

Have you ever heard someone answer a question before they answer the question? Jesus was a Master at that. “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus’ answer to that question may surprise you! It surprised His disciples.

In this episode of Live the Bible, we look at what the Bible says about the surprising requirement for eternal life. The requirement for eternal life sounds like bad news—one can’t earn it— until we realize that the bad news is meant to drive us to the good news that Jesus offers it to us for free— if we’ll just believe.

Have you done that? If you have questions about that, or you’re not certain, feel free to connect with me.

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