Are the Headlines End-Times? [Podcast]

2 Thessalonians

Jesus is coming soon. But so what? If one thing is constant in this world, it’s that the news is bad. The simple fact is: the news is a business, and when tragedy strikes, business is good.

But do today’s terrible headlines mean the end is near? And if so, so what??

In this episode of Live the Bible, we’re looking at the truth about the end-times.

Don’t worry! Above the clamor of our world’s bad news, Scripture proclaims the very BEST news we could imagine.

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Encouragement to Keep Going and Keep Growing [Podcast]

1 Thessalonians

Your life is a marathon. And it’s tough. In today’s episode of Live the Bible, we get to gulp down some encouragement to keep going and growing in the hardest part of every marathon: the middle! What keeps you from giving up when you have so far to go?

If you’re growing weary in the race, I’m here to cheer you on!

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The Best Way to See Yourself [Podcast]

Book of Colossians

What defines you? In this episode of Live the Bible, we’re getting honest about how we see ourselves. Even though we know we shouldn’t, we tend to judge ourselves (and others) by the externals—our looks and our clothes, our jobs and our money, our cars and our kids, our houses and spouses.

But take all that away. What defines you?

The Scriptures hold the key to understanding who you truly are.

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Why it Takes Others So Long to Change [Podcast]

Book of Philippians

Why does it take some people so long to change? Who came to your mind when you read that question? Maybe a parent or a child, a boss or a friend, a spouse or even a pastor. You’ve prayed SO long for this person to change. But no matter what you do, nothing changes.


We’ve all been there, asking that question—even the Apostle Paul. In this episode of Live the Bible, we’re traveling with him to Philippi, where we’ll find the surprising answer.

Are you ready for the surprise? (It’s a good one!)

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