A Special Shout-Out to My Launch Team!

The launch of my book, Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing, enjoyed the help of 27 individuals who assisted me to get the word out.

Each of these folks agreed to read the book, share a review on Amazon, and help spread the word during launch week. But most importantly, they prayed. Here’s the launch team listed with their blog/Web site (if applicable).

  1. Laura Naiser
  2. Chris Edmondson
  3. Kayleen Ferguson
  4. William Norman Reeves Jr.
  5. John Anderson
  6. Judy Phillips
  7. Wade Webster
  8. Cindy Graham
  9. David Muntean
  10. Chris Turnbow
  11. Cynthia McBarron
  12. Don McMinn
  13. Bernice Vardy
  14. Betsy Endelman
  15. Michelle Hines
  16. Carrie Honeycutt
  17. Robert Billingslea
  18. Dee Boyt
  19. Judy Ackerman
  20. Maria Escalera
  21. Jerry Jeremy
  22. Paula McCoy
  23. Peggy Hernandez
  24. Dorothy DeBisschop
  25. Tanya Hicks
  26. Clayton Norman
  27. Ashley Mafima

I’m grateful to each one!

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