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FREE Resources for Your Bible Reading This Year

There's One Way To Grow To You Potential.

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Let’s be honest. Bible reading can be intimidating. It’s a big book! But with only about 15 minutes a day, you can finish the whole Bible in a year. Why not make this year the year you do it?

FREE Resources for Your Bible Reading This Year

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Bible reading is essential for growth as a Christian. But it’s not as if you read it once and you’ve got it. We have an inexhaustible text. What’s more, we’re not always ready to understand it all the first time. Or the third.

That’s why both Paul and Peter write about the value of repetition in reading Scripture (Philippians 3:1; 1 Peter 2:2; 2 Peter 1:13; 3:1-2).

Every year, I’ve discovered it true.

Here are 7 free resources to help you with your Bible reading this year.

1. Listen to the Bible.

YouVersion allows you to listen to the Bible through a variety of reading plans that apply to many different translations. Cathy and I love the mobile app for our iPhones. I listen to God’s Word on my commute. There are some reasons it’s good to read the Bible with your ears.

2. Print a Plan and Read Your Own Bible.

The benefit of printing a PDF is that you get to read and make notes in your own Bible. Although you can find other plans, my favorite plan for many years was the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan (download it here). It offers four readings (5 days a week) from various parts of the Bible, allowing two days a week to “catch up” or to study a passage in more depth.

3. Try Something Different This Year.

There are a number of creative online reading plans from (all taken from How to Read Your Bible by David and Renée Sanford), including:

4. Read Online With a Trustworthy Commentary.

The folks at have made several plans available online.

  • Each plan allows you to read the NET Bible in one column with study notes in the other.
  • Another option is to read Dr. Tom Constable’s notes alongside the Scriptures. I have read all of these notes and they are trustworthy and excellent.
  • The site also includes an option to read Greek, Hebrew, and various articles relevant to the passage.

5. Make Reading Convenient.

Read the ESV this year with your choice of ten reading plans delivered to you digitally via RSS, iCal, Mobile phone, PDF download, or Email. Pretty convenient!

6. Read the Bible on Your Kindle.

The ESV is available as a free download to your Kindle or to your Kindle Reader for an iPad or mobile device.

7. Read My Posts on Bible Reading.

If you’d like more encouragement on reading the Bible, check out some of these posts and podcasts I’ve produced about it.

What’s the best resource or method? The one you’ll use. God had His Word written, preserved, and translated for you.

You can read the Bible this year. It will change your life.

Tell me what you think: What Bible reading plan or strategy have you used? To leave a comment, just click here.

Click here to leave a comment.

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