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Free Holy Land Webinar!

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Crazy Results You’ll Want to See from My 2016 Survey

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For the past four years I have surveyed my blog readers in order to find out about your needs, preferences, and interests. This year I learned some surprising results.

Crazy Results You'll Want to See from My 2016 Survey

My goal in writing this blog is to help you connect the Bible and its lands to your life. Each survey helps me do that better than before.

The survey offered some fascinating finds—some affirming and predictable. But some were a total surprise.

I’d like to share the results with you as well as some changes I’ll make as a result.

I May Have Already Written on Your Struggle

I asked you about your primary struggle right now, and hundreds of you answered. I read each one and prayed for you.

Although you gave me some great ideas for posts to write, I have written already on many of the topics you mentioned. Did you know you can search my blog for a topic or a verse or a biblical site? The search bar in the upper right works great.

Give it a try.

However, I will add some of your issues to my lineup this year. Thanks for the ideas.

Three Times a Charm (When Time is Available)

When I asked you how often you prefer to read to read my posts, I was surprised.

  • More than half of readers prefer I continue to post 3x a week.
  • A full 2/3 of readers read all my posts. But these are those who took the survey, of course. That makes sense. Those who engage usually engage.

So, I’ll continue to post 3x a week most weeks. However, I may occasionally post 2x a week.

The most common reason for those who don’t read all posts is not having the time. Which I totally get. I’m the same with the blogs I read. If you have time to read on this, I’ve written on how to save time.

Have God, Will Travel to Israel

As far as taking a journey to the Holy Land:

  • 43% have never been.
  • 64% are interested in traveling with me to Israel. (So come on the tour I’m leading this fall!)

The biggest reasons people don’t go have to do with money, physical ability, and fear. (The last reason I can vouch for as unnecessary.)

I’m going to do something about this. I have plans to provide something for you that will alleviate all of these objections. Curious?

My Most Surprising Result

Half of readers are not receiving my emails. That’s right.

This proved the most surprising result of all to me. My mouth dropped open when some on the survey mentioned they hadn’t received ANY of my emails since subscribing. Then I figured out why.

For years I have emailed my subscribers the full content of my blog posts, including all pictures and links—just like on my blog. But I recently discovered that Gmail moves most emails with images and links to the Promotions Tab rather than to the inbox. After a quick search through my email list, I discovered that half of my blog subscribers had a Gmail address. So, I figured I had to do something.

That’s why my emails will begin to look different.

  • A plain-text email will actually make it to the inbox! But don’t worry. Because images are so important to Bible lands devotionals, my emails will provide a snippet of the post and an easy link to click where you can read the whole post with images on my blog.
  • Nothing lost. Many readers gained.

Thanks again to all who participated!

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