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Are Your Big Dreams as Big as Your God?

Paul's Letter To Rome Challenges Your Dreams To Match God's Desires For You.

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Life gets fueled on dreams. Without big dreams or a purpose, we wither and die. As Christians, we have more to do than get up, work hard, and come home for a few hours of TV—only to rise and begin again.

Are Your Big Dreams as Big as Your God?

(Photo: Paul’s letter came to Rome. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

If that’s all we do, we will wake up one day and realize life has amounted to a stack of paychecks and a few laughs.

God wants more for us than that.

Paul’s letter to the Romans models how your dreams can be as big as your God. 

Where Big Dreams Come From

The Apostle Paul had lived about 50 years when he penned his letter to the Christians living in Rome.

With three missionary journeys under his belt, six books of Scripture to his credit, and thousands of people impassioned for God, Paul held quite a portfolio in his hands. If Paul’s career had stopped right there, no one would have protested; everyone would have stood up and applauded.

Many would see Paul’s age as about time to start counting the years until retirement.

But not Paul.

Paul had big dreams. He continued to imagine how he could still do more for Jesus Christ. He wanted to go to Spain, the western limit of the Roman Empire. This represented bold and big dreams—audacious some might say!

But Paul had a big God. So Paul planned for Spain. (Oh, and he also wrote 7 more New Testament letters.)

God’s Desires and Your Dreams

How can you tell if your dreams match God’s desires for you?

Christ’s Great Commission blesses us with an incredible purpose: “Make disciples of all the nations” (Matt. 28:19). Beyond making money, we need to purpose to make disciples—in our homes, in our churches and in our world.

In whatever ways you do that, those are your big dreams. That is God’s will for your life. Filter all you do through the Great Commission.

  • So, what’s your “Spain”—what’s your passion?
  • Do you have a purpose bigger than yourself?
  • Is that purpose as big as your God?

If your big dreams are for God’s glory—and match God’s desires—you cannot fail in God’s eyes.

Tell me what you think: What big dreams do you live for? To leave a comment, just click here.

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