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What to Do When You Feel Insignificant

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When we find ourselves dissatisfied with what God has us doing, it could reveal that we’ve confused our significance in serving God with our significance to God.

What to Do When You Feel Insignificant

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I’ve been there just like you have. When we get frustrated that our lives seem to accomplish nothing or that our ministry bears little fruit, we need to review our motives for life and ministry. Rather than merely measure productivity and activity, we need to value the “little things,” such as intentions, faithfulness, and faith.

Our relationship with God remains more important to Him than our ministry for Him.

Here’s why.

Refocus Your Thinking

Our quiet time with God is an act of faith. That’s because Bible reading brings few quick fixes, and prayer seldom reveals shafts of light.

Instead, growth takes time—like roots making their way deep into the earth. How tempting every day to skirt our time with God and instead to rush toward the urgent tasks on our endless lists!

One truth we often forget can make all the difference

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Unless we watch ourselves, we will allow our busy lives to drift away from our devotion to Jesus Christ. Instead, we will adore other things:

  • Our families
  • Our homes
  • Our jobs
  • Our ministries
  • Our vacations
  • Our salvation

All of God’s blessings to us, of course. But before we know it, we can replace devotion to the Lord with devotion to His blessings. And in sad, twisted irony, those blessings become our focus instead of the God who gave them.

What’s more, we’ll measure our significance by the amount of blessings we can count rather than its true source.

The Source of Your Significance

Feeling insignificant where you are? Don’t confuse your significance in serving God with your significance to God.

Our walk with God is not an appointment we keep each day—and then move on—like climbing the rungs of a ladder. Instead, our time with Him forms the foundation that supports all we do. We stand on it. We build on it. We don’t climb past it. We serve God from the overflow of our relationship with Him, not as an aside to it.

The quality of our spiritual life is the quality of our whole life. Without exception.

Tell me what you think: When do you feel most significant? To leave a comment, just click here.

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