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When Do You Feel Closest to God?

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Recently during the holidays, I asked my daughters a question that popped in my mind. “When do you feel closest to God?” Their answers surprised me.

When Do You Feel Closest to God?

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One answered she feels closest to God when someone she shares Christ with accepts Him, or when a prayer is answered in a way only God could answer, or when she is hiking alone on a mountain. Another daughter said she feels closest to God when playing piano, or when in a windy field, or when laughing with friends.

Isn’t it amazing how different we all are?

I feel closest to God at other times.

I Feel Closest to God When

Feeling close to God is never something I can manufacture, produce, or fake. It usually surprises me in overwhelming floods of His unmistakable presence. A few recent occasions included:

(Another topic altogether might be “When do you feel farthest from God?” For most of us, that would be when we sin against Him. But let’s stick to the topic.)

So what about you?

When do you feel closest to God?

Tell me what you think: Take 30 seconds and tell me when you feel closest to God. To leave a comment, just click here.

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