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Why You Should Avoid the Path Of Least Resistance

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The path of least resistance is a fact of nature. Rivers always flow around a mountain rather than through it. Electricity always moves through a circuit’s “easiest” route. Human nature is no different. Unfortunately.

Why You Should Avoid the Path Of Least Resistance

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We tend to do that which is easiest, often to the neglect of that which is best.

  • It’s easier to read a magazine than to read your Bible.
  • It’s easier to sit in front of the TV than to spend time with your kids.
  • It’s easier to lose your temper with your spouse than to control it.

Following the path of least resistance can become a habit that guides our lives. We make choices based on what is easiest, most pleasant, or least painful.

But God has a better plan for you.

The Benefit of Resistance

Ironically, the life we seek isn’t found by avoiding pain. It comes from contentment in knowing you’re doing what’s right—regardless of the pain.

  • Without the resistance of a barbell, a muscle won’t grow.
  • Without the resistance of gravity, a car can’t speed along the ground, or for that matter, stop.

In the same way, only against resistance in our lives can we grow and move forward.

Don’t Misunderstand

This doesn’t mean every decision in life has to be the tough one. It means the path of least resistance shouldn’t be our default basis for making decisions.

It works for rivers, but it doesn’t work in the spiritual life.

Why You Should Push against the Resistance

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When people run away from a problem, God sends them back to face it.

  • Hagar was mistreated by Sarah and ran away; God sent her back.
  • Moses murdered and ran out of Egypt; God sent him back.
  • Elijah fearfully ran from Galilee; God sent him back.
  • Onesimus ran away from Philemon; God sent him back.

As ironic as it sounds, they were running from the will of God they were seeking.

Why You Should Push against the Resistance

I believe the reason many people never see God working in their lives is because they never hang in there long enough for God to show Himself to be God.

Taking the path of least resistance, and quitting, means we believe it’s all up to us alone. So, we figure, it can’t be done. So we search for another path without pain—one we never find.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Why You Should Avoid the Path Of Least Resistance

Are you thinking of walking away? Let me urge you to hang in there, and don’t give up doing what’s right. Because if you quit and always take the path of least resistance, you’ll find yourself constantly running—and constantly missing God’s best for you.

You’ll miss seeing God work in your life as only He can.

Tell me what you think: What keeps you going when you want to quit? To leave a comment, just click here.

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