Undone: A Story of Making Peace With an Unexpected Life (Zondervan, 2015)

Michele Cushatt is one of the best writers I’ve read in a long time. And her newest book, Undone, gives more than good writing. It’s a great subject.

The book hooked me early on. I read. And read. And read. Refreshing, real, raw. She had me laughing and crying often on the same page.

The message of the book is wonderful. The fairytale we want out of life isn’t real. It never was. If you’ve ever struggled with shattered hopes, a fearful diagnosis, a wayward child, a dysfunctional church, or the silence of God, Undone will walk beside you as a companion.

Here’s why I liked it–and why I’m sure you will.

  • It asks as many questions as it answers, showing us that we need God’s presence and promises more than we need to know His reasons.
  • Undone shares Michele’s journey down the road of an unexpected life. Michele’s cancer revealed “a cancer far worse”—the one in her heart. We all have this disease, don’t we?

My favorite quotes:

Peace isn’t a byproduct of control, the payout of a happy conclusion. Peace is the infiltrating, life-giving presence of a very real God. One who loves nothing more than to step into the middle of locked and darkened rooms and impossible circumstances, close enough to touch. (Page 57)

Just as a writer must embrace a rough draft as the necessary means to a book’s successful end, I had to learn how to embrace my life’s process. Including the countless ways my shortcomings and flaws have made me a better character in my own story. (Page 190)

At times I wish it were easier, I won’t lie. I’d give anything for a normal, boring day. But I’m not sure normal would keep me kneeling. (Page 235)

Ministry—of the truest kind—isn’t about impressing unknown strangers with spotless presentations and a flawless life. It’s about exposing the hidden imperfections and giving others permission to do the same. Becoming a fellow struggler who delivers zero judgment but abundant grace. Few things display unadulterated beauty like a pouring out when you’ve nothing to give. It must come from an otherworldly place, a well whose source you do not control. (Pages 82-83)

Undone will encourage you. How? God waits on the other side of our thin expectations as He draws us close to Him through painful places, finally opening to us the broad expanse that is His grace.

Get this book.

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