This great video by flies over 9 key sites the Bible mentions, giving a high-def birds-eye view of these significant places and their excavations.

I have listed below the sites this video shows, along with links to my posts about these places.

It’s amazing how the good folks at continue to release quality videos that enhance our understanding of the biblical world. Hats off to them!

Tell me what you think: What site would you like to fly over? To leave a comment, just click here.



Tel Hazor—Canaan’s Largest City Lost in the Minds of Many

I asked the helicopter pilot to fly to Hazor so that I could take video of the site. Before long we hovered over a modern town with houses, streets, and parks. The pilot and I exchanged awkward glances, and I clarified what I wanted: “I meant Tel Hazor.”

He still looked confused.

Tel Hazor—Canaan’s Largest City Lost in the Minds of Many

(Photo: Tel Hazor, courtesy of Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

After five minutes of searching the area, we finally saw it. Two hundred acres huge, rising from the floor of the Huleh Basin, ancient Hazor looms as Israel’s largest tell.

I had to marvel at how times have changed. What was once Canaan’s most important city has somehow gotten lost in the weeds of contemporary minds.

How could the pilot not have known where it was?

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