Why the Way to Shur isn’t the Best Way to Run

God allows your challenge to urge you to take a different journey.

As creatures of habit, we take the same roads to work, school, and church each time we go. We call it efficiency. But we also have a road we take when we’re struggling. Typically it’s the same road each time.

Take the Way to Shur

(Photo courtesy of Unsplash.com)

When faced with a problem or a temptation, we tend to retrace our steps and head in a direction we’ve gone a thousand times before.

  • It’s familiar.
  • It often makes most sense.
  • It’s a well-traveled road; most people take it.

There’s a road in the book of Genesis called the “Way to Shur.” The patriarchs took it more than once.

It’s the same road we take when we’re struggling.

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