Good News about the Bad News You Hear

Nahum’s words offer encouragement and an invitation.

It seems the news isn’t news unless it’s bad news. You know, apart from a context of truth, the daily news feels like a wet blanket on our flame. But remember, the news chases ratings and clicks—not the whole truth.

Good News about the Bad News We Hear

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As I read the news each day, I have to remember it isn’t reporting the progress of God’s kingdom. In fact, headlines tend to hide the other half of the truth and focus only on the negative.

The prophet Nahum pulls back the curtain and shows us what God is doing in a world where it seems like the wheels have fallen off.

In the midst of the bad news you’ll hear today, there’s also some good news you need to hear.

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Why is God’s Justice So Slow? [Podcast]

Nahum 1

In a time of cultural evil—and God’s seeming apathy towards it—Nahum comforts those who take refuge in God.

Though God tempers the timing of His justice with patience, when justice finally comes, it will appear with severity. So what do we do in the mean time?

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