To Do: Fear God and Love People [Podcast]

Matthew 22:35-39; Ecclesiastes 12:13

The application of the greatest command in the Bible can release us from our dependence on people.

Solomon concluded after a meaningless life of chasing idols: “The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person.”

Delight in Your Powerful God [Podcast]

Isaiah 6

The person who fears the Lord fears nothing else. The fear of the Lord is awe, trust, devotion, and worship.

We can loosen our grip on people when we grow to understand that God is more loving and more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

Big Needs and a Little God [Podcast]

Matthew 6:9-13

We hear: “I need a vacation.” “I need sex.” “I need my husband to listen to me.” “I need a better job.” Needs are sometimes greeds cloaked in good intentions, or at best, elevated godly desires.

The Bible reveals our true needs for God and people are not often what we think. So what do you need?

When We Worship People [Podcast]

Jeremiah 17:5-8

We live in a world that looks to people to fulfill what only God can give: assurance, security, and love. Whom you need you worship, and people have become our idol of choice.

Jeremiah shows that such fear of man leads to desolation, but fearing God leads to life and fulfillment.

The Curse of Self-Esteem [Podcast]

Genesis 2:25-3:11

We usually see our low esteem as a problem between us and people, rather than between us and God. But low self-esteem usually betrays a thwarted pride.

It’s only when we face our nakedness before God that He covers our shame—in fact He removes it.