How Great is Your Love for God? [Podcast]

Luke 7:36-50

God’s grace is favor we didn’t earn. The more we realize our sin, the more we appreciate God’s grace.

In truth, God’s grace was bigger than you thought. When Jesus Christ died on the cross April 3, AD 33 He took all of your sins upon Himself– all– not most, not just the ones you confess, not just the ones that are socially acceptable, but all of your sins.

The more you appreciate God’s grace, the more love you show to God.

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Strength in Weakness [Podcast]

Matthew 14:14-21

Relying on our own strength yields nothing but failure.

But through Jesus, we have the strength and adequacy necessary to live lives that both honor God and help others.

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Why Comparing Yourself with Others is a Bad Idea [Podcast]

John 21:1-23

Comparing yourself with others again? When Jesus told Peter how he should expect to die as an old man, Peter inquired about John’s death. Jesus’ response remains a great principle of focus for all believers who struggle with comparisons.

Our task is not to compare or concern ourselves with God’s calling for others but to commit to what Jesus called us to do from the beginning of our relationship with Him: “You follow me.”

Believing is Seeing [Podcast]

Mark 8:14-35

Just as the disciples witnessed the blind man’s partial healing that eventually led to perfect sight, so we too can expect one day to see clearly, despite the crosses we currently bear.

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