Breaking Your Generational Curse [Podcast]

2 Kings 22-23

How can one with such poor family history break the cycle of sin in his or her own life? King Josiah shows us how!

The New Testament reveals that all believers have been redeemed from “your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers.”

Why We Need Fences in Our Lives [Podcast]

2 Chronicles 33

King Manasseh illustrates the awful results of living without fences . . . and also the awesome grace of God toward anyone who would turn to the Lord in sincerity.

Only after Assyrian imprisonment would Manasseh discover the value of the fences, and to his credit, he began rebuilding them.

When They Taunt Your God [Podcast]

2 Chronicles 32

When the world taunts and tempts you to doubt God’s power, when they boast of instances where God allowed tragedy, we should remember God will always vindicate Himself and His servants.

King Hezekiah’s victory reveals God’s final triumph over all who would taunt the Living God.

Straddling the Fine Line [Podcast]

2 Chronicles 25

With one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom, our constant compromise of situational ethics betrays a divided heart for God.

One verse summarizes well the life of King Amaziah, and the life of many today: “He did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord, but not with a perfect heart.”

Determining to Personally Walk with God [Podcast]

2 Chronicles 24

No doubt, a mentor is valuable. But we have to walk with God personally, and not depend on others to determine our resolve for the Lord.

We glean valuable lessons of personal faithfulness from the hard lesson King Joash learned.

Dethroning a Greedy Heart [Podcast]

1 Kings 21

Ironically, receiving what we’ve envied only increases our desire for more . . . and it blinds us to blessings we already have. King Ahab “sold himself to do evil” — he compromised to gain what he couldn’t get otherwise.

So, how can we dethrone a greedy heart?

When Trusting God is All You Have [Podcast]

2 Chronicles 14-16

We learn from King Asa that our trust in the Lord is most reflected not in prosperity but in affliction, and what we trust most God may remove that we learn to trust Him alone.

Crowning Convenience [Podcast]

1 Kings 12:25-33

We need to examine our lives for any substitutes we’ve allowed to replace the Lord, and we should make our daily pilgrimage without regard to personal convenience. Jeroboam worried he would lose the kingdom if Israel worshiped the Lord in Jerusalem, so he offered a series of substitutes: alternate gods, an alternate capital, alternate temples, alternate priests, and alternate feasts.

He accommodated the people’s need for worship by appealing to convenience as a justification for compromise. Bad idea.

Avoiding a Royally Wrong Response [Podcast]

1 Kings 12:1-20

When we allow our own desires and the advice of friends to overshadow wise counsel, we learn the hard way the difference between serving men and serving God.

When faced with potential hostility, Rehoboam chose to intimidate others rather than serve them. This resulted — with no surprise — in the splitting of the nation and civil war.

When Fear Reigns Supreme [Podcast]

2 Chronicles 20

Fearful of something? King Jehoshaphat was scared spit-less when Moab and Ammon invaded Israel. He immediately set his face to seek God by praying God’s Word and trusting God’s promises.

What can we learn about our fears from this king’s example?