Why God’s Plan Seems so Slow [Podcast]

Mark 4:21-34

Sometimes God’s plan seems slow. The building of God’s kingdom seldom makes headlines. Furthermore, our weary struggle often seems futile. But Jesus reveals God’s program may seem to be slow and dragging, but actually it is storming the world by stealth.

In a visual age of instant everything, Jesus’ parables encourage patient and persistent faith toward a certain and overwhelming outcome.

Removing the Barriers to Understanding the Bible [Podcast]

Mark 4:1-20

Have trouble applying the Bible? When we hear God’s Word, our barriers to living it out are several: Satan, affliction, and even prosperity.

Jesus challenges us to cultivate a heart that will hear the Word, accept it, and bear much fruit.

Not All in the Family [Podcast]

Mark 3:20-35

Are you in the family? Jesus emphasized the comforting truth that God’s family runs deeper and stronger than all other relationships. In fact, Jesus said His true family consisted of those who do God’s will.

Since we naturally cling to our devotion with earthly kin, we should all the more seek to be one who “does the will of God.”

Whom God Chooses He Uses [Podcast]

Mark 3:7-19

God is pleased to use ordinary people, uniquely chosen to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of others.

As one of the twelve would later write, we “are chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, by the sanctifying work of the Spirit, that you may obey Jesus Christ and be sprinkled with His blood” (1 Pet. 1:1).

Jesus and the God Squad [Podcast]

Mark 2:23-3:6

We have to watch out for our attitudes toward rules. When we pick our favorite ones, we can overlook those more essential. The Pharisees’ crowing leaned on rules as the way to God. But Jesus’ revealed that rules for rules’ sake are never God’s will.

In fact, they can actually keep us from doing good—and from meeting needs.

Bad Company [Podcast]

Mark 2:13-22

When questioned why He hung around “sinners,” Jesus answered that the sick need healing, not the healthy.

The religious were preoccupied—as many are today—with rituals and rules; but Jesus spent His time in relationships with those who needed Him—and those who would receive Him.

An Odd Prescription [Podcast]

Mark 2:1-12

We tend to come to God primarily for physical needs—which He is willing to meet—but our relationship with Him is His first concern.

A few friends brought their friend to Jesus for healing, but Jesus’ odd prescription revealed a deeper need.

Keeping First Things First-Thing [Podcast]

Mark 1:14-39

Feeling distracted these days? Even Christ didn’t do everything but He did do what He was called to do. Jesus’ top priority was preaching. Many distractions—which God also uses for His plans—but you can spend a whole ministry on physical needs.

Through time with the Father focus is realigned and legitimate needs are left undone.

Gotta Serve Somebody [Podcast]

Mark 1:1-13

Even though John the Baptist had crowds thronging to him he viewed himself as a servant who exalted Christ: “I am not fit to untie His sandals.”

Jesus’ own silent example reveals that the life of God’s servant finds itself pleasing to God, led by the Holy Spirit, tempted by Satan, and assisted by angels.