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Free Holy Land Webinar!
Free Holy Land Webinar!


Take a devotional journey through the lands of the Bible.

Each of these 90 audio devotionals (read by Wayne Stiles) will help you enjoy:

  • A daily devotional on a biblical site
  • An inspirational quote from well-known authors
  • A personal prayer to jump-start your day

This complete 90-day unabridged audiobook also allows you to experience a 45-minute devotional travelogue with applications from firsthand travel in the Holy Land.

These devotional readings, each based on a specific place in the lands of the Bible, invite you to embark on your own spiritual journey with God. Through visiting these exciting places in this audiobook, you will grow to understand how God is leading you to the places of His choosing.

After going places with God, you’ll never be the same . . .

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You will see the sights, hear the sounds and feel the pulse of this ancient land of the Bible as you retrace the steps of Jesus. Not only that, but Wayne’s personal insights will help you begin each day with an attitude of prayer, centeredness and thanksgiving.
Former President, Women of Faith

Through visiting these holy places in this audiobook, you can:

  • Discover anew how God teaches you to trust in His love, protection, and provision for your life.
  • Grasp a wider “context” of the Bible and understanding of Scripture.
  • Grow spiritually as you understand why God has placed you where you are today.

Discover anew how God wants you to trust in His love, protection, and provision through this devotional armchair travelogue.

You cannot go places with God and ever be the same!

Looking at how God shaped the lives of His people through the places He took them offers us tremendous insight into our own spiritual journey. Wayne Stiles has given us more than an inspiring and refreshing look at the lands of the Bible . . . he has given us strength for the journey home.
Teaching Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel, Former President, Moody Bible Institute



Listening to this audiobook makes reading easy. You can listen to these Bible lands devotions:

    • On your commute
    • While exercising
    • On a walk
    • While doing house work or yard work
    • On road trips or vacation
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