Is Jesus Really the Only Way? (Audio Resource)

This audio resource by Wayne Stiles answers the question—and more.

Few questions stir such controversy as: “Is Jesus the Only Way?” The exclusivity of the Bible’s claim is unmistakable. Skeptics ask: “How can Jesus be the only way? That’s not fair! It leaves out too many people.”

Great question.

Is Jesus the Only Way?

(This session is a digital download—not a physical product—giving you immediate access to the content. This image is for illustration purposes only.)

In this 47-minute session, Dr. Wayne Stiles answers the question—as well as several other questions you may have considered, including: What about the person who has never heard of Jesus?

These issues deserve good answers—and yet, they begin with a more basic issue in a surprising place.

If you’d like answers to this great question, you can download this audio message now.

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