Journey to the Holy Land with Wayne Stiles

And you will NEVER be the same!

Thanks for your interest in journeying to the Holy Land with me.

Everyone who journeys to Israel experiences a wonderful, spiritual journey full of encouragement and biblical insight. I want to help make that same connection for you. I invite you to join me for a life-changing journey to Israel!

Sunrise over Jerusalem

(Sunrise over Jerusalem. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

Upcoming Tours

Here are my current upcoming tours. Feel free to click each link and look around at the exciting itinerary. I hope you’ll join us!

Holy Land Tour of Key Biblical Sites

March 16–26, 2018

This tour SOLD OUT

Holy Land Tour Including Biblical Jordan and Petra

October 18–29, 2018

This tour is SOLD OUT

Petra—the Lost and Found City of Wonder

(Photo: The Treasury facade at Petra, Jordan)

See the complete tour itinerary here!

This special tour to Israel will also journey to biblical Jordan and Petra! This tour of the lands of the Bible is designed to take you beyond the places most tours to Israel see. 

Perfect for someone returning to Israel to see brand new places—or for the first-timer who wants to experience the Holy Land in a unique and fulfilling way.

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Holy Land Tour of Major Biblical Sites

March 1–12, 2019

Arbel cliffs and Sea of Galilee

Mount Arbel overlooking the Sea of Galilee

See the complete tour itinerary and details here

Enjoy a magnificent overview of sites from both the Old and New Testament. On this tour, I will help you connect the Bible and its lands to your life every time we stop—and all along the way.

You will learn the Word of God right where it happened—with Bible in hand. After seeing where Jesus ministered, you will never read your Bible the same way again!

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