Free Holy Land Webinar!
Free Holy Land Webinar!

Love Him With Your Life [Podcast]

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Mark 12:28-31; 1 John 3:13-18

Do you value love for God and people, expressed not only in word but also in deed?

When someone asked Jesus to recite the greatest commandment, He spoke of love– love for God and love for people. Love at its essence is a verb.

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God Works In Impossibilities [Podcast]

It’s possible you are facing an impossibility today.

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When God Takes Too Long [Podcast]

Do you like waiting? Me neither. No one does! We want what we want—or need—right now. But God often steers our lives at a slower pace. The question...

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If there’s one thing we all need, it’s assurance. We need it in all our relationships—at home, at work, and with God. That’s true for the brand-new...

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