Ephesus – Redeeming the Time You Have Now

How the Ephesian Agora illustrates Paul’s principle of focus in your life.

What if God inspired 3 books of Scripture for your church and also sent two apostles to live and minister among you for years? Ephesus got both. And much more.

Ephesus commercial agora

(Photo: Ephesus commercial agora. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

On his third missionary journey, the apostle Paul lived for several years as a (literal) tent-making missionary in Ephesus. He may have even sold his tents in the city’s agora, or marketplace.

The commercial agora of Ephesus served as a real-world illustration for an intensely practical principle Paul would later write to the church at Ephesus.

It’s a principle of productivity we can (and must) apply today.

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Sweetening that Bitter Spirit [Podcast]

Selections from the Book of Ruth

What one thing in your past is keeping you from your future? When life has hurt us deeply, it’s too easy to slide into a bitter, disappointing spirit. The book of Ruth gives us a boost of encouragement, because it’s your story and it’s my story.

In this episode of Live the Bible, we’re going to look at a story of God’s grace working through our daily lives for great results that only He knows about for now. It’s good news for us.

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How to Face Your Greatest Fear [Podcast]

Judges 6-7

What are you afraid of most? You’re not alone. Gideon in the book of Judges wanted to believe what God said, but Gideon’s fear kept him from doing so. God graciously helped him past it just like he does us.

In this episode of Live the Bible, we deal with one of the most practical subjects we struggle with every day. Fear. Whatever it is that you’re afraid of, God is going to go with you and provide for you in those moments of fear. He will show Himself to be a God far bigger than you ever imagined.

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How to Renew Your Heart for God [Podcast]

Joshua 24

Do you ever wish you could upgrade your relationship with God? In this episode of Live the Bible, we take a virtual tour to one of the most significant sites in the Holy Land. We’ll hear what Joshua told Israel.

His words do more than review history; they give us principles that help us renew our dedication to God.

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Colossae – Finding the Freedom to Forgive

3 lessons linger from Paul's letters to the Colossians and Philemon

I had the privilege last week to walk atop the empty tell of ancient Colossae—and to open the letter written to the saints who lived on the soil I stood on. While there I remembered a crucial lesson on forgiveness.

Colossae tell with sign

(Photo: Colossae tell with sign. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

Colossae offers little in the way of excavations, but a few tooled blocks of stone peer up from the ground like tombstones. The outline of an ancient theater shapes the hill on one side of the tell. Standing tall in the beautiful valley, the site reminds us of the lives and struggles of the people who lived there—most notably, of Philemon and his runaway slave.

The apostle Paul wrote a letter to a master named Philemon on behalf of his runaway slave whom Paul had met in Rome. Paul’s letter takes us not only all the way from Rome to Colossae, but it mirrors our own journey with God—from condemned to forgiven.

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A Second Chance with God [Podcast]

Deuteronomy 6, 8, 11, 32

Have you ever needed a second chance with God? You’re not alone. Me too. In this episode of Live the Bible, we see God’s people needing a second chance hardly before they had begun as a nation.

Camped on the edge of the Promised Land, they heard Moses speak encouraging words that would take them across the Jordan River—all the way home.

We need to hear those words as well.

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How to Cure that Complaining Spirit [Podcast]

Numbers 11-14

Sometimes the most direct path for God’s will in our lives is the long way. This episode of Live the Bible deals with something we struggle with almost on a daily basis — struggling with a complaining spirit. We often think we know the shortcut to the Promised Land, just like the Hebrews did. 

Turns out, they struggled with what we struggle with—and the solution is the same.

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Kadesh Barnea—How to Follow and Not Get Ahead of God’s Will

Why our goal is not a place to go, but to journey beside God.

Which seems worse to you? Refusing to follow God even though He promises success, or stubbornly pressing forward without Him? Sometimes it’s tough to tell the difference.

Kadesh Barnea—How to Follow and Not Get Ahead of God’s Will

(Photo courtesy of Unsplash.com)

God’s people swung on both extremes of this pendulum in the course of one day.

What their experience teaches us can guide us as we anticipate the future God has for us.

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Just a Kosher Walk with Thee [Podcast]

Leviticus 11

Every time we read the Bible, it reveals how practical it is. But what about the book of Leviticus? This episode of Live the Bible takes us to a book few Christians look at.

The book of Leviticus seems irrelevant and out of touch until we look closer and its timeless truths. Suddenly, it opens up a whole world of practical insights for our daily walks with Jesus Christ.

A closer walk with God comes because He has made a way possible for us to be forgiven, and then when we blow it, for us to regain our fellowship with Him.

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Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb [Podcast]

Exodus 12

You are precious in the sight of God. How do you know that? This episode of Live the Bible takes us to the book of Exodus where we’ll see that God redeemed us. He bought us, just like He did the with Hebrews of old.

This has huge implications for our lives, and it is so, so practical. We have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, and we have the amazing privilege of living each day for Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.

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