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You've heard the names before...

The Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and the Mount of Olives. 

These places are just words on the page if you don’t know where they are or what they look like. I had this frustration too. 

I’ll be honest. 

For many years of my Christian life, the places in Scripture seemed like pieces of a puzzle. I had no idea how they all fit together and what difference they made in my life. 

Not until I began to study the lands of the Bible.

After Cathy and I took our first tour to the Holy Land, the truth hit home harder than it ever had: my faith is rooted in events that occurred in real places. 

It so impacted my interaction with the Bible that I begin to ask myself, Is this change just true of me or is it true? 

Mount of Beatitudes

So I did some serious research on it. In fact, I wrote my dissertation on it! And in a nutshell, here’s what I found after interviewing literally hundreds of people: 

99% of those who experience the Holy Land said it had a profound impact on their spiritual life. 

That’s amazing! But there's a big problem. 

Not everybody can go to Israel. 

For many people, there are significant reasons why they don’t come. I’ve discovered primarily three reasons. 

  • They’re concerned it may not be safe. They admittedly are anxious. The news does its best to taint the truth—and to cause unrest in our hearts about traveling to the Middle East. 
  • Physically, some people may have a challenge taking a tour that requires a lot of walking up and down hills, stairs, and over uneven terrain. 
  • This is a big one: it costs a lot to come to Israel—or to come again. I get it. Cathy and I saved for 9 years for our first trip to Israel! 

Safety, physical ability, and finances. These are real hurdles. And for many people, they’re deal-breakers. 

But they don’t have to be. Not any longer. 

Copyright     Bill Schlegel/BiblePlaces.com

That is the primary reason I created this brand new Web site called Walking the Bible Lands

I want to remove as many hurdles as I can and give you a clearer understanding of Scripture through virtual tours of biblical sites. If you’ve never been able to travel to the Holy Land, I have good news. 

Now you can take a virtual tour. 

"Walking the Bible Lands is a marvelous resource for all those who have longed to visit Israel and for those who would love to return. The beautiful video footage makes you feel like you are right there, and Wayne Stiles carefully guides the viewer through his excellent biblical teaching and application. By joining this new site, you will feel like you're there, without the scorching sun or the obnoxious crowds. I highly recommend it to all!"

—Dr. Todd Bolen, Pictorial Library of Bible Lands

Todd Bolen

How Does Walking the Bible Lands Work?

The "virtual" tour to the lands of the Bible happens within an exclusive membership site. 

And through video, I will be your guide on the journey. Here's how it works. 

Each month . . . 

You get a tour of a different biblical site through several pieces of engaging content.

  • First, we’ll look at what we’re calling Sites & Insights —a video in which you'll get a general overview of that month’s site and its biblical significance, and most importantly, how that site in Scripture relates to your spiritual life.  
  • Second, in the monthly Dig This! video feature, you'll see an archaeological aspect of the site or some off-the-beaten-path aspect of the site most folks don’t get to see.  
  • Also you’ll receive an Audio Devotional download in which I’ll share a biblical devotional related to the site, including a PDF transcript you can download with pictures and some study questions to help make it personal for you. In this audio segment each month, I’ll also answer member questions about the Bible and its lands. I’ll even recommend a resource of the month I think you’d enjoy. 

Wayne filming

The entire site is also optimized for your tablet or mobile device, so that no matter where you are, you can take the Bible lands with you. 

looks great on any device
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If you’ve enjoyed my 3-part series on the Passion Week, then you’ll love my new premium online website, Walking the Bible Lands. 

My goal is to keep it simple. As I’ve done for years on my blog and in the books I’ve written, my passion is to make it clear and to keep it practical. 

It will never be enough simply to talk about geography, archaeology, and history and end by pointing at this pile of rocks or that pile of rocks. 

Seeing these places and experiencing the land of the Bible is wonderful. But it’s not enough. 

My goal is to connect the Bible and its lands to life. 

To YOUR life. 

You also get some bonuses...

When you join Walking the Bible Lands, I’ll also give you some very special bonuses. 

First, I’ll share with you a video I just filmed about why the resurrection of Jesus guarantees that your sins are forgiven when you believe in Him. I filmed it at one of the few remaining rolling stone tombs in Jerusalem from the time of Jesus. 

Bonus video

You'll get to continue viewing 3 Passion Week videos just released (they'll not stay available to the public for long).

I’ll also give you two of my audiobooks on the Holy Land to download instantly. 

Going Places with God

The first, Going Places with God, gives you 90 different devotionals on biblical sites, including a prayer for each day. 

The second, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus, takes you on a devotional journey through the life of Christ in Israel.

Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus
Charlie Dyer

"I’m so excited about Wayne Stiles’ membership site that provides a virtual journey to the locations of the Bible. My wife and I have been to Israel many times, and we still found ourselves reliving those trips as we followed Wayne’s video journey through the land. If you are passionate about seeing the land of Israel and understanding God’s Word, subscribe to Walking the Bible Lands. Think of it as a life-changing, low-cost trip to Israel—but without the jetlag!" —Dr. Charlie Dyer, Professor-at-Large of Bible, Moody Bible Institute, Host, The Land and the Book radio program

"Wayne’s expertise and exegetical skills in relating the Bible and the Land to everyday life are second-to-none! 

The content of the videos is excellent, they are well–produced —and the photography in the land of the Bible is splendid!"Dr. Carl Rasmussen, author of Zondervan Atlas of the Bible

Carl Rasmussen

The Personal Impact You Want

By taking this virtual tour of the land of the Bible—the land of Jesus—you will become more like Him, because the land gives you greater insight in the Scripture. 

And the Scripture changes your life.

By joining Walking the Bible Lands you’ll gain a sharper, clearer, and more vibrant understanding of Scripture. You’ll get a better grab on the context. No longer will you read “Capernaum” in the gospels and just gloss over it. You’ll see it in your mind. Places and names you used to pass over will instead become familiar. You’ll have a way to finally see what before you’ve only been able to imagine. 

God used these places to mold the lives of His people in the biblical narrative. He still does it today. I’ve experienced it and I’ve seen it in the lives of many, many others. 

I’d like you to experience that as well! 

I’m inviting you to become a member of Walking the Bible Lands today! 

Overlooking the Sea of Galilee
digital downloads

Benefits of Becoming a Charter Member

As a charter member of my brand new website, you are getting in at the ground level. That means price will never be this low again, and it will never go up for you. 

Included in the bonus items will be the 3 videos on the Passion Week, because they won’t stay available to the public for long. 

But here’s another important reason why you want to register today. Registration closes soon! 

Walking the Bible Lands

Registration only opens a few times each year, and the price will never be this low again. 

Join Walking the Bible Lands! 

I look forward to seeing you on the inside where we’ll connect the Bible and its lands to life!

What others are saying...

These videos are beautifully filmed and biblically sound. Having visited and taught many tour groups at these places, I highly recommend these videos. —Jeff Lasseigne

You will be deeply blessed by these videos, not only to see the sites, but to understand why they matter to your faith. I deeply appreciate Wayne’s desire to tell the biblical story well. He has a keen eye for connecting the Bible Lands to our lives. —Brad Gray

In the past, we could only imagine where Jesus lived and travelled, but now, through Wayne's video, we can see for ourselves where He lived and walked and ministered. The quality and commentary are excellent as Wayne takes us on a journey to the actual places where Jesus lived out His amazing life! —Maeve Cross

Having traveled in Israel with Wayne, the vividness of this video transported me back as if I were standing right there again, where it all happened, listening to Wayne teach from his Bible. A remarkable way for someone to experience the Holy Land without physically being there! —Jeff Buchholz

In Wayne's videos, I could walk with Jesus down the very streets and places He walked, during Easter week. Very exciting! —Robin Johnson

The video was very well done, and I liked the way Wayne wove Scripture into his narrative of the places we were seeing. To see a glimpse of the actual places where Jesus traveled kind of gave me chills, even though I've been to Israel once. I can't wait to see the rest of these videos. —Joni

You’ll hear teaching from one of my favorite Bible teachers! Wayne delivers more than just information. He gives you lessons for living in light of biblical truth. I've been to Israel with Wayne on several occasions, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that God's blessing rests on this man and his teaching. Don't miss this opportunity. —Dr. Reg Grant

Wayne’s new Web site—Walking the Bible Lands—features videos of important biblical truths in the land where our spiritual heritage originated. The Bible will become clearer to you as you associate its themes with its places. —Don McMinn

Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage forever; for they are the rejoicing of my heart. So it is in watching this beautiful work of Dr. Wayne Stiles. You absolutely must see it! —Eunice

For any one who has wanted to visualize and "visit" Israel, even though you have been unable to, these videos are excellent! The narrative by Wayne leads through the streets, sights, and sounds. Enjoy! —Kay Ferguson 

I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to see these videos. Seeing in motion Wayne’s description of Jesus’ passion for us helped me better connect with the events as they happened during our Savior’s life. —Lenir Sommerville

Watching the videos brought back so many memories of our visit to Israel with Wayne. He truly has a passion for and knowledge of Israel that brings history alive. We hope to go back with him in the near future. —Eunice & Dave Beekman

"What a great opportunity to take a virtual tour of the Holy Land in a safe, affordable, and, most of all, inspiring way. I'm part of that 99% Wayne mentioned whose visits to the Holy Land transformed how they read the Bible. Wayne brings experience, expertise, and passion to his growing repertoire of practical resources for exploring the Holy Land. I highly recommend you take this journey. You won't be disappointed!" —Dr. Michael J. Svigel

Wayne Stiles' virtual tours take us on the same path that Jesus walked. The biblical story comes alive in HD as the Gospel accounts are retold matching today's actual settings. —Stan Krabbe

Deeper than a travelogue, these videos challenge me. The juxtaposition of Jews, Muslims, and Christians—our faith and our commerce—made me reassess whether or not my life in Jesus is clearly seen or have I bricked up gateways in my heart? —Kathleen S. Evenhouse

Great shots of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and surrounding areas. Just image you had sandals on as you watch Wayne take you around the places Jesus walked. I am impressed with the lessons Wayne gives linking past events and our present situations. A personal journey. —Dean Lassiter

These videos are fantastic! Love the message, production, shots, and creative approach. Wayne has always been a master at creating environments through words, music, and media. —Vincent Nelson

About Wayne Stiles

Wayne on the wall

Wayne Stiles has served in fulltime Christian ministry for almost 30 years, effectively using writing, teaching, music, video, and leadership as the means of creatively communicating the life-changing truths of God’s Word. 

A veteran traveler to Israel, he has taught and written extensively on the devotional benefits of the Holy Land on his popular blog, in his books, as well as in dozens of articles for the Jerusalem Post. Wayne earned his master’s and doctoral degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he teaches as an adjunct professor. He also served in the pastorate for 14 years in the church he helped to plant, and he served as an Executive Vice President at Insight for Living Ministries for 12 years.

Wayne and Cathy have helped lead many tours to numerous biblical sites in Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, and Italy. They have been married twenty-eight years and have two grown daughters.

Wayne’s passion is to help connect the Bible and its lands to life, showing the practical application of God’s Word in lives that display God’s grace.


Written and Produced by WAYNE STILES 

Director of Photography SCOTT WILSON 




Still photos courtesy of Pictorial Library of Bible Lands

Aerial video footage taken from IFL Video (Megiddo), copyright © 2009 by Insight for Living Ministries. All rights reserved worldwide. Used by permission. 

Filmed entirely on location in Israel.