This video was recorded in the Wilderness where Israel wandered for 40 years, waiting on God to enter the Promised Land.

Its message encourages us also as we wait on God.

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For the past two years I’ve used CoSchedule to help market my blog posts. At first, honestly, I doubted the benefits of spending money each month to do what I could do myself. But I quickly realized that time is worth more than money when I was spending up to 30 minutes a day scheduling posts and re-posts on social media. As a busy blogger, I have little time for fussing with the back end of my blog. I prefer writing and putting marketing on autopilot.

So much so, I’ve also started this year sharing inspirational photos and quotes. 

CoSchedule has helped me do that. Here’s how.


I’m excited to lead an upcoming tour to Greece and Turkey that will focus on following the Footsteps of Paul through his missionary journeys and his epistles. (There’s even a pre-extension option to Rome!) This will be an exclusive, one-bus tour—with a 3-day cruise—seeing major biblical sites in Greece—with the goal of applying practical lessons to your life. Click for more information.

I hope you’ll join me and Cathy for this trip of a lifetime! 

Date: September 9, 2019—September 18, 2019
Event: Tour and Cruise to Greece in the Footsteps of Paul
Topic: Tour and Cruise of Greece
Sponsor: Imagine Tours and Travel
Venue: Greece, Turkey (Optional: Rome)
Location: Greece
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.
Aging Brain

The Aging Brain: Proven Steps to Prevent Dementia and Sharpen Your Mind (Baker, 2018)

Fascinating and enlightening, The Aging Brain opened my eyes to more reasons to choose a healthy lifestyle. The book focuses primarily on countering the effects of dementia, and the good news is that we needn’t necessarily surrender to inevitability with regard to this disease of the brain. Healthy choices make a difference. Exercise, proper eating and sleeping remain essential, of course (but no mention of napping, which seemed an oversight in light of much research as to its benefits). But what seemed more surprising was Dr. Jenning’s inclusion of the spiritual and emotional life as essential to a healthy brain. This makes sense, since we are integrated beings. One part affects all parts. 
The “Learning Points” and “Action Plan” at the end of each chapter proved essential reading after pages of medical terms. These summaries helped clear the fog and took the book from mere information to potential transformation. 
An index would have proven helpful on a number of occasions. 
Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus- How a Jewish Perspective Can Transform Your Understanding

Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus: How a Jewish Perspective Can Transform Your Understanding (Baker, 2018)

When we read the Bible, we face a huge disadvantage. In the busyness and distraction of our 21st-century Western world, we can stare straight at the words on the page but miss their meaning. Even our Christian worldview can too easily assume a narrow perspective and, once again, miss the rich background upon which the Messiah lived. 

Bridging the gap between then and now is not a new effort. However, few have spanned that gorge in a more readable (and enjoyable) way than Lois Tverberg. Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus: How a Jewish Perspective Can Transform Your Understanding helps us understand Christ from His Jewish roots. Because those boring “begats” have a purpose to Jesus, they also relate to our lives. This book explains why the elements that before seemed irrelevant are, in fact, significant. 

When Jesus stepped on to the world’s stage, it wasn’t an empty one. The props were Hebrew—an unnatural perspective to us. Lois gives us a better understanding of the biblical setting, and so offers us a deeper appreciation (and application) of the Bible’s story and its primary focus: Jesus Christ. 

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The Baker Compact Dictionary of Biblical Studies

Baker Compact Dictionary of Biblical Studies (Baker, 2018)

The Baker Compact Dictionary of Biblical Studies serves as a handy reference to understanding words and names, heroes and heretics, ancient and modern. Both scholars and skeptics find themselves listed in alphabetical order alongside terms from “abomination of desolation” to “Zoroastrianism.” 
Concise, fair, and well-written, the little volume would prove more handy with a simple index of names, words, and page numbers. As a “dictionary” it doesn’t require an index, but the reader would benefit from scanning the contents at a glance. 

Whenever I visit the holocaust museum in Jerusalem I like walking down the “Row of Righteous Gentiles.” It’s a great reminder of the one thing we need in order for God to use us.

This quick video will tell you what it is.

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I walked by the Church of the Primacy of Peter yesterday—beside the Sea of Galilee—one of my favorite places in all Israel. Why so special? Because here Jesus said something to Peter we all need to hear when we’ve blown it. Watch the video. 

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I always enjoy going to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Western Wall is no exception. In this quick video I share one of major reasons coming to the Wall is so exciting. It reminds me of a hope that also will encourage you. 

Check it out! 

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We visited Tel Dan today, a place that always reminds me that the quick-and-easy path isn’t always the best. And when it urges us to compromise God’s will, it never is the best path.

Watch this short video for an encouraging reminder.

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