The City of David—Where to Stand and What to Read

Jerusalem’s original site, the City of David, covers an inconspicuous ten acres just south of the Temple Mount. While there are several places to stand and read from the Bible, here’s the best place I’ve found.

Where to Stand: Because the City of David owes its origin to its defensible position—as well as to its water source at the Gihon Spring—I’ve found the best place to stand is the observation deck accessed from the stairs to left after you enter the gate. From there you can see the valleys as well as the location of the spring. It’s also easy to see how King David, in his palace at the crest, could have seen Bathsheba bathing that fateful evening. (See spot in Google Maps.)

What to Read: 2 Samuel 5:6-11; 11:1-27

Tell me what you think: Where do you like to stand at the City of David, and what do you like to read? To leave a comment, just click here.

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