Video 2: Continue Your Virtual Tour of the Passion Week of Jesus

Wednesday through Friday mirror our own hopes and struggles.

Today Episode 2 releases in my new video series giving a virtual tour of the Passion Week of Jesus. You can click here to watch it now (as well as Episode 1).

Video 2: Continue Your Virtual Tour of the Passion Week of Jesus

The response has been tremendous, and I’m so grateful to you who have given a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media outlet. Here’s one that really meant a lot to me:


What Gloria said is precisely why I’m doing this series. I want those who can’t go to Israel—or those who want to relive their experience there—to have a way to enjoy the places where the Bible happened.

The Passion Week began yesterday with Palm Sunday. It’s “the week that changed the world,” because something significant occurred that week—two events in particular—that forever altered the course of human history. These two events can also change your life.

In fact, one of these events may give you the assurance and encouragement you’ve longed for your whole Christian life.

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