As a busy blogger, I have little time for fussing and fidgeting with the back end of my blog. I prefer connecting the Bible and its lands to life rather than connecting my blog posts to my social media accounts. The first is exhilarating—and the second, exhausting.

That’s why I’ve decided to give CoSchedule a whirl.

An Editorial Calendar

CoSchedule is an editorial calendar that directly interfaces with my WordPress blog and allows me to schedule my social media posts featuring my new (and old) blog posts at the same time I write my post. I used to do this process with an app called Buffer, but it wasn’t as easy, convenient, or fast as CoSchedule.

coschedule calendar

(My CoSchedule calendar from March 2016)

When I traveled to Israel in March of 2016, I needed to write all my posts ahead of time. With CoSchedule, I not only could schedule the posts ahead of time, but I could plan out my social media posts as well. A few cool features in the calendar:

  • I can drag and drop posts from day to day.
  • I see the whole week or month at a glance. This allows me to fill in the holes with a post.
  • CoSchedule has a cool feature that allows me to search for past posts and reschedule them.
  • I have a single-user plan, which is pretty limited, but still allows me to integrate with WordPress, Evernote, Google Docs, Google Analytics and major social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages.

Social Media Sharing

Another feature that’s marvelous is being able to schedule my social media posts at the same time I create my content; I get to schedule them before my content ever publishes. Huge time-saver.

coschedule social shares

(CoSchedule allows me to schedule Social Media shares when I create content)

Other Features

CoSchedule offers a number of other features, some of which require an upgrade in your plan.

What I’d Love to See that I Don’t

As great as CoSchedule is, I’d love to see flexibility to customize the appearance and functionality of the calendar. Including:

  • Because space is limited on my screen, I’d like to see only one social media account—which I can do—but I’d ALSO like somehow to save that view for the next time without having to manually change the view each time.
  • Parts of the scheduling feature for social media posts are cumbersome. For example, to set a custom time for a social post, I have to click multiple times and type the time manually. Sometimes what I type is erased and I have to type it in again. A bit of a pain.
  • I’d love the option of seeing more than a max of 6 weeks at a time on my calendar.
  • When searching for past posts to reschedule, I can only search the most recent 500 posts. I have many more than that. And while I can paste the URL manually, that kind of defeats the purpose of CoSchedule’s convenience.

So far I’ve enjoyed the benefits more than I’ve felt the drag of the inconveniences. I look forward to seeing how CoSchedule allows me to stay productive.


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