For the past two years I’ve used CoSchedule to help market my blog posts. At first, honestly, I doubted the benefits of spending money each month to do what I could do myself. But I quickly realized that time is worth more than money when I was spending up to 30 minutes a day scheduling posts and re-posts on social media. As a busy blogger, I have little time for fussing with the back end of my blog. I prefer writing and putting marketing on autopilot.

So much so, I’ve also started this year sharing inspirational photos and quotes. 

CoSchedule has helped me do that. Here’s how.

An Editorial Calendar

I used to schedule my posts with an app called Buffer, but it wasn’t as easy, convenient, or fast as CoSchedule. (And if I’m paying for it, it needs to be all three.) Check out the screen shot below and you’ll see how CoSchedule is an editorial calendar that directly interfaces with my WordPress blog. It gives me the ability to schedule my social media posts featuring my new (and old) blog posts at the same time I write my post.

Here’s my calendar so far for October 2018:

CoSchedule Calendar

With CoSchedule, I not only schedule the posts ahead of time, but I also plan out my social media posts as well. A few cool features in the calendar:

  • I can drag and drop posts from day to day.
  • I see the whole week or month at a glance. This allows me to fill in the holes with a post.
  • CoSchedule has a cool feature that allows me to search for past posts and reschedule them.
  • I have a single-user plan, which is pretty limited, but still allows me to integrate with WordPress, Evernote, Google Docs, Google Analytics and major social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages.

The Real Magic? Templates and ReQueue

This year I’ve enjoyed being able to schedule my social media posts at the same time I create my content; I get to schedule them before my content ever publishes. Huge time-saver. Two features I’ve upgraded to get and am enjoying are templates and ReQueue.

  • Templates allow me to schedule a type of blog post while I’m creating the post. Templates also have “social helpers” that fill in the information automatically for all scheduled posts in the template. HUGE time-saver. I love this feature!
  • ReQueue is amazing. CoSchedule automatically fill in the holes in my calendar with posts I’ve designated and according to the number of posts I’ve assigned to that category. Read all about it here.

(My ReQueue dashboard)

Other Features You’ll Enjoy

CoSchedule offers a number of other features, some of which require an upgrade in your plan.

What I’d Love to See Improve

As great as CoSchedule is, I have only a few gripes:

  • With ReQueue, I’d love to be able to set a total number of messages for each day— say 21? I need ReQueue to fill in the holes on the calendar, not to add more posts to days already full.
  • I have to manually select every message in ReQueue, classify it in a group, and then save. I’d love a way to do these actions in bulk— or with templates? It seems a very labor-intensive process.
  • Because CoSchedule to be my one-stop shop for all things social, I wish my calendar offered a way to share links/posts from a Feedly RSS reader. (Buffer does this very well.)
  • I’d love the option of seeing more than a max of 6 weeks at a time on my calendar.
  • When searching for past posts to reschedule, I can only search the most recent 500 posts. I have many more than that. And while I can paste the URL manually, that kind of defeats the purpose of CoSchedule’s convenience. Also when I type in the search bar, I see no text.

Still, I’ve enjoyed the benefits more than I’ve felt the drag of the inconveniences. I look forward to seeing how CoSchedule allows me to stay productive.

I recommend it! 


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