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Free Holy Land Webinar!
Free Holy Land Webinar!

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Check Out the Results of My 2014 Survey

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted my second survey of my blog readers. Honestly, I felt a little nervous about it. Sort of like standing still and offering someone a free punch on my arm.

Check Out the Results of My 2014 Survey

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But because my readership has doubled in the last year, I decided to get your opinion.  I believe that it ultimately benefits you, as it helps me improve my writing and my blog.

As promised, I’d like to share the results.

Two Questions Answered

First, let me say that your comments about your personal struggles really connected with me. If you mentioned a need, I want you to know I prayed for you specifically.

Some of you asked questions, which I’ll answer here:

  • Yes, you can search for different topics on the Christian life and biblical sites. I have a search bar in the top right of blog. Just type in your topic.
  • Some of you mention never getting my free e-book with your subscription. The link for that came with your subscription confirmation. Feel free to email me and I’ll resend it to you.

Content and Comments

I received a large number of open-ended answers, which were the most helpful part of the survey. Although it’s hard not to fixate on the few negative comments, overall the feedback was very positive.

Some of the most encouraging comments were:

  • “I will never be able to physically walk in the holy land, but your display of pictures tied together with your knowledge and wisdom of the land of Jesus and the people of the bible has been a great blessing. Thank you Wayne, God has answered my prayer to visit Israel through you.”
  • “I have never been to the Holy Land and love the photos that you share. It helps me visualize areas as I study the Bible. Thank you for all the time, effort and prayer that you put into writing for all of us.”
  • “As a Jewish reader I learn about your Christian values and perspective.”
  • “Keep it up! I love the transparent nature of the posts. And I love your heart for God. I’m on the front lines of ministry and your posts encourage me deeply. For this I thank you for your time to post & reflect God’s kingdom.”
  • “Keep writing. You often convict me in the kindest way possible. Thank you”
  • “May God Bless you for doing this – you never know who you blessed each day with just the right word at the right time. Whenever we hear of someone going to Israel, we alert them to your blogs.”
  • “Your blogs are written well, are of visual interest, are practical, are interesting, and are looked forward to greatly. I only can give you my appreciation for your wonderful ministry.”
  • “The way that you tie God’s character to features of the land gives me a visual image that reminds me of his presence and provision. I’m a biologist and love the connection you make to the land.”
  • “Along with Todd Bolen You take to me the land. Spiritually you are an encouragement more than you will ever know.”
  • “I love your posts on history and different locations all over Israel – but especially like your posts helping us apply God’s Word to our lives. You make the Bible come alive…, and that is a very special gift from the Holy Spirit.”
  • Your blog has sustained my sister-in-law and comforted the rest of my family during a grievous period when my brother strayed from the Lord and divorced her. Your geographical blogs have been the inspiration for further geographical studies (purchasing several of the atlases and related books you recommended). THANK YOU!”

When I asked how to make my blog better, most answers responded with something like: “Just keep up the good work.”

  • Some thought my posts are too long.
  • Others said my posts should be longer.

My Books and What’s Coming

Almost half of my readers have never purchased one of my books (49%). Well, I hope you’ll pick one up! If you like the blog, you’ll enjoy the books.

When I asked what book or product would best meet your needs:

  • Many responses asked for another book about sites that connected application to the land. Duly noted!
  • Some also requested an inspirational book. This lies perfectly with my next book, which I mentioned this week.

Who You Are and How You Read

The ladies slightly outnumber the men at 58%. (Up from 52% last year.)

Most readers first found my blog from a link on another blog or website (51%), with others coming as a result of an article or book (9%) or from the recommendation of a friend (28%). Others came via Facebook and Twitter (3%) or via a Google search (9%).

Many readers have just joined the ranks over the last year (36%), many others have been reading the blog for 1-2 years (30%), and a healthy slice have read the blog for more than 2 years (34%).

how long have you been reading chart


Most of you read all of my posts (60%), with others giving “no time” as the primary reason you don’t read them all. It makes sense then that the same percentages want me to continue posting 3x a week (60%), with half of that number preferring I cut back to twice a week (30%).

Most readers (61%) are satisfied with the variety of posts on my blog, with a slight preference to Bible land devotions.

Traveling to Israel

A little more than half (53%) expressed an interest in traveling with me to Israel. That’s wonderful! I am putting together a tour for 2015. Stay tuned for more info!

I was especially pleased that many of you have taken the step to recommend my blog to others. I’m still giving away my free e-book to all subscribers.

Thanks again to all who participated in the survey.

Tell me what you think: Anything else you want to tell me? To leave a comment, just click here.

Click here to leave a comment.

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