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Free Holy Land Webinar!
Free Holy Land Webinar!

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Results of My 2013 Reader Survey

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted my first survey of my blog readers.

To be honest, I felt a little nervous about it. Sort of like standing still and offering someone a free punch on my arm.

Results of My 2013 Reader Survey

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I offered the survey because I believe that it ultimately benefits you, as it helps me improve my writing and my blog.

As promised, I’d like to share the results.

Who You Are and How You Read

My readers are predominantly Christian (97%) with a smaller slice being Jewish (2%) and “other” (1%). The ladies slightly outnumber the men at 52%.

Most readers first found my blog from a link on another blog or website (43%), with others coming as a result of an article or book (21%) or from the recommendation of a friend (18%). Others came via Facebook and Twitter (9%) or via a Google search (9%).

Many readers have been reading the blog for 1-2 years (38%), with a healthy slice having just joined the ranks in the past year (46%).

I was surprised to see that most respondents read my blog via my email subscription (67%), which, after thinking about it, makes sense. Subscribers are often the most loyal readers. About 10% of respondents read the blog on their mobile devices, while about 18% read it on my blog itself.

Content and Comments

Most readers (65%) are satisfied with the variety of posts on my blog, with a slight preference to more Bible land devotions (30%). The majority are comfortable with me posting at my current schedule of 3 times per week (63%).

I received a large number of open-ended answers, which were the most helpful part of the survey. Although it’s hard not to get fixated on the few negative comments, overall the feedback was very positive.

Some of the most encouraging comments were (I’ve not corrected anything in the quotes):

  • “Your info about Bible lands is VERY interesting. I read them all. Thanks so much for providing them.”
  • “Your value of the land is great, but your emphasis on biblical truth that is thumbs up”
  • “What’s unique about your blog is connecting the Land and the lessons God wants us to learn. I am so thankful for all the resources you recommend and am working through the map study and atlases. It is changing the way I study my Bible.”
  • “Your devotionals are varied, inspirational and timely. They make me think about my relationship with God.”
  • “The devotionals are all applicable to everyday life, so they are all very good.”
  • “There is something so special about devotions on the land of the Bible that seems to make scripture even more alive and memorable.”

When I asked how to make my blog better, most answers responded with something like: “Just keep up the good work.”

  • Some thought my posts are too long.
  • Others said my posts should be longer.
  • A few requested more interaction with the pictures I post. I’m afraid this is a limitation with the slideshow I use. It doesn’t allow for captions or forward/backward buttons.

A few suggestions included requests for more posts about Israeli culture and about current events. While I do try to include these as they relate to the purpose of my blog, the primary reason I write is for spiritual transformation and not simply information. I write to connect the Bible and its lands to life.

Traveling to Israel

An even half (50%) expressed an interest in traveling with me to Israel. That’s wonderful! Feel free to check out an upcoming tour with Insight for Living. I do hope you’ll choose to join me on my bus.

Many of the reasons folks gave for not traveling to Israel boiled down to the cost. I totally understand. But let me encourage you to begin saving for it. Here’s why:

  • Cathy and I saved for 9 years (!) for our first trip to Israel. Even if you can only go once in a lifetime, it is worth saving for. I promise.
  • Even if you don’t go with me, go with someone! It will benefit your spiritual life. (That’s a statistical fact.) Just make sure you go with someone who connects the Bible and its lands to your life.

I was especially pleased that most readers (75%) have taken the step to recommend my blog to others. I’m still giving away my free e-book to all new subscribers.

My genuine thanks to all who participated in the survey.

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