Watch Video 1: A Virtual Tour of the Passion Week of Jesus

My new series, “The Week that Changed the World,” launches today!

I am so excited to release my new video series on the Passion Week of Jesus, called “The Week that Changed the World.” If you want to skip to the nitty-gritty, and just watch the video, here it is. Just click.

Video 1 of the Passion Week of Jesus

Not everybody can go to Israel.

That’s frustrated me for years, because I know firsthand the benefits of including the land of the Bible in the study of the Scriptures. Leaving it out leaves out a LOT. I couldn’t imagine not knowing the Bible lands and trying to understand Scripture.

I don’t want others to miss out as well.

This is Just the First of 3  Videos

This video series begins a significant change. I’m going to do my best to provide virtual tours to biblical sites through video. But experiencing the Bible lands not just about pointing to a pile of rocks. It’s about connecting the Bible and its lands to life.

This first video leads up to Palm Sunday and goes through Tuesday of Passion Week. The following two episodes release next week—on Monday and Wednesday—and cover the rest of Passion Week.

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I have prayed for you for many months—that these videos would encourage you, inspire you, and even make you say, “Wow.”

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